CHLLNG #3: Dub Techno


June 23rd ish due date.

This time around we are making Dub Techno – I’m liking the balance of experimentation against being true to the sound so let us continue down that path.

Post here when finished and I’ll make a playlist thread : )


Started last night, I found this video on techno rumble very helpful. I only have a kick (4 on the floor, sorry not sorry) and some hats right now. 2 minutes of buildup so far, going to start looking at synths yet. Not sure if I’m going to have a bassline or not because the rumble really fills in the bottom end, might just go to atonal FM stabs or something, plus eventide blackhole.


Oh nice! I definitely beed help w that rumble. I often “cheat” and just use a big ol’ 808 and call it a day lol



:gets Cminor ready at the helm:


I had nothing doing, so I started it this weekend. So far it’s all hardware (2 drum machines and an FM synth) and myself playing bass. Let’s see how this goes :thinking:


Nice! I might have to bust out some extra gear for this one…


Im done


I think I’m done. Going to wait to master it with fresh ears and upload probably over the weekend. I also might get some other ideas.


Haha. Wow. Yall are fast! I have two evenings to my self this weekend so Ill be on it.

Also I swear I will comment on the last bunch!


I made this sort of generative Ableton session that is churning out little fluffy clouds of dub techno, it sounds nice but needs some refining.

I’ll make some tweaks and see if I can dial it in a bit before rendering a version.


That track I was working on last weekend, I did end up finishing a few days ago, but it’s more downtempo than dub techno.
It came out pretty cool, but doesn’t fit this challenge unfortunately, so back to the drawing board for me.