Challenge 7C euclidean rhythyms deadline tbd


Basically make a track using euclidean rhythyms.

Open genre…

Vcv rack, or if your native daw has some modular features…

Like abletons m4l
Or even fl studio…
Might be able to with jeksola buzz

If you gotta though…download bitwig free trial and use audacity record your soundcard to capture the euclidean rhythm youve made…


This guy has a free trial for 7 days, or it’s just $5 to add a fully-functioning version to your DAW which does it all! If anyone finds this one useful, I’d be glad to make a preset or something so they don’t have to bother with the modular parts :smiley:

Also, heck yeah on the challenge, this is going to be good :smiley:


Thought I’d share the rig because of how ridiculous it looks. All of the drum patterns are strictly generated with these little micro euclidean sequencers, and it was kind of tough to find a groove at times! What a fun challenge, though!


my attempt with using only fl


Euclidean dubstep…not what i was expecting…

Its awesome. I could follow the rhythm easily


2nd attempt euclidean musical frame in odd time sig and other stuff


I got FL updated tonight, checked to make sure I have working piano scripts. While checking to make sure the euclidean script worked, I had an idea for my track. So I’m going to start on that now.


I remembered the program I saw. Here it is:
Music Pattern Generator v2.1


So I have the basic sketch down, still just working on the sound design and stuff to make it interesting. It’s a very basic idea, I just had the euclidian sequencer do the three notes of a chord separately and then slowed it way down, so I did a euclidean sequenced ambient piece. Still working on the sound design and mix to make it not sound like ass. Unfortunately that has been slow going as I’m doing home renovations and they finally hit my bedroom/studio, so I’m working in a very weird environment for me right now. Still was able to put in an hour tonight and get some stuff done, push this more towards a finished track.


I think this is done enough to get the idea across. It’s a pretty barebones track, but I was able to execute the initial idea of using a euclidean sequence slowed way down to make an ambient track. I wish I could have individual notes pan randomly in the stereo field in Vital (I thought you could, but maybe I forgot how?) but had to settle for sending a random amount of pan variation to the oscillators instead. Also made an envelope following panner for the strings, which are 100% wet verb (the initial idea there was to have a completely different texture going into a reverb and blend that in with the main dry sound, but this was too different to pull off and I like what we got, so this is an idea I’ll need to revisit in another project). EDIT: I realize why I like the strings so much, they remind me of the sound FX in the game “Flow” if anyone else remembers that one.


This is an awesome use of euclidean rhythms. While I can’t pick them out individually due to the slow attacks, this was definitely unexpected all around. I don’t know why, but I was getting almost Resident Evil vibes from this but it’s probably got something to do with a very hazy memory of the BGM in 1. :smiley:

Anybody wanna do something new for the label?


I liked bass and the end of a track! :sunglasses: