Care to remix one of my tracks for the new EP?

Hey guys, so I’m working on a faux-remix EP for the Cherry Convoy project. 3 remixes + 2 original tracks. I already have them Liouville and Nostromer dudes working on some good stuff, but I think this record could use an extra remixer.

Here are the tracks for remixing:

Balm (E key, 95 BPM)

Hazadess (G key, 75 BPM)

I Made You a Bird (C key, 80 BPM)

Pick any track you want, do what you want with it and post the remix here. I’m looking for just one more remix, but…if there are more, I might just make the “Pulverizer” EP bigger.

Anyone up for that? Lemme know!


This seems interesting! Do you have a deadline?

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Not really, although I’d love to get this done as soon as possible, like by the end of July or sth. You want in? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m grabbing the stems for Balm, because that sounds the closest to what I can worth with. I can definitely come up with something by the end of July so I’ll keep in touch

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I’m working on I Made You a Bird. I’ll try knock it up before end of July, I’m notoriously slow though, but ill do my best.

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wuv u guys UwU

Take your time and keep me posted! :smiley:


So I finished the remix, see what you think:

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I downloaded stems a couple weeks back and haven’t had time to unzip them yet. I’ll let you know if I can do it or not in the next week or so.

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EPIC 80085

<3 <3 <3 <3

Christmas came early this year

and so did the rest of this forum XDDDDD

Hey Glad you liked it.

Let me know if you want me to send you the track file. Ill PM it to you.

Apologies for the shameless plug, but if you like this you may also like some of my other stuff, on my latest release:

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Alright, to sorta wrap things up - I’m no longer accepting submissions XDDDDDDDD and the deadline is July 31st. Fred, you cool with that? XDDDD I just wanna release that thing in early August the latest, so that I can finally get it out of my system hahahahaha

Looks like I won’t have time to work on this btw, those stems are still zipped tight. I have other stuff coming in I have to do now, so no opportunity again until well into august.

That’s OK, don’t worry! You can remix something just for fun at a later time. :wink: Thanks!

Hey man, how’s your remix comin’ up? You doin’ good? Just asking, since the deadline’s drawing near, haha

Should be done in a couple of days!

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habe you make an remix pls

OK, since I still haven’t received the remixes - let’s extend the deadline to August 16th. If I don’t get anything by then, I will just release the album without the tracks that are still underway. Prolly make a new tune on my own.

That good? @nose u 2 nibbs

meh, i got some free time and a few ideas for hazadess
i think i’ll have a go at this

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