Care to remix one of my tracks for the new EP?


but pls hurry



alright here ya go:
if you like it, i can send the .wav your way


But really, a very wholesome remix, please send me the file! <3



Thanks a bunch, everyone! <3


Nice work, especially like that Pulverizer track!


Yeah well done on pulling this together bud.


i’m getting in a bit late, but just for the sake of the challenge
i’m in, in process … i’ve reworked, if you don’t mind, the melodies, some midi chords etc etc
it might take some time …


Sure, great! Let me know once you’re done with the remix, I’d love to post it on my YT channel. :smiley:


i will. as mentioned before, it might take some time. no deadlines on my side :grinning:
take care.