So I’m asking in the sense that whether or not the forum activity is major, at least a number of us can come here within a monthly period to see and interact with a project the forum has established.

So basically. there are a few ways to achieve this. I personally want to make projects easier to achieve but limit in ways that make them interesting.

So I’ll give my idea in a sec but I am curious how or what you guys, reading, think as well.

I would like to ASK that people make x tracks using 1 sample per track to create a project outside of one single one. Or you guys could ask for x samples given to all be used. Whatever the project, i feel like offering ease but offering a foundation is best. But the idea is that you can ask whatever you want. But the idea is that it takes a month, or x weeks to achieve. So we’re not only writing towards a singular project but we may have some weighted ideas for LP/EP’s.

Tell me what you think. Even if only 2 people respond, the person creating the project can give a weighted foundation to write sometihng. I’d love to see and hear it myself.


i can start. Also, i’d love to see outside BB people get involved.


i miss bbs so im down for any bb related stuff. x amount of tracks might be a little steep though im hardly getting much work done on the project im currently gung ho about. i think whenever the bbs felt most casual as in make something in 20min if you want, thats when we saw more participation but i might be wrong.

or maybe scratch the albeit faux “competitive” nature for a second and do more of a collab track where someone creates a concept and provides samples and then people add a instrument track each etc


I think making the BBs more accessible is the way to go. Maybe the rules were to restricting for people in the past. Perhaps just provide some samples and the host decides what, if any, additional instruments can be used? Or even just suggest a theme and let people have fun with it


we’ve had some fairly lax ones at the end there and it still wasn’t working out. its truly mainly the low attendance of the forum for sure and i’m not sure how to overcome that challenge. on numerous occasions i myself have failed to post anything despite having a real intention to do so and i think it would just take real committment from the handful of people who might still be interested in carrying it on.

the discord seems more active, i don’t check in there often enough but perhaps some interest might be garnered from within there


So, no one should take this the wrong way–I think the BBs are one of the best and longest running side projects on the forum but I thought I might offer some insight from someone who has never been that interested in participating and some top reasons why.

  1. No copy righted samples. IMO that defeats the whole purpose. We always have to end up using some weird ass free shit.

  2. Sometimes the rules get to be too much. I’ve looked in from time to time over the years thinking I might do one now and again and this has also stopped me. Especially when there are like 10 rules but they just seem to be random and aren’t wrapped up in an idea or challenge.

To combine my two points challenges like, use your favorite childhood movie as the only sample source. And then instead of voting, maybe we all just try to guess what movie the sounds came from for each song. Part of the challenge is then to obscure the source but not so much people can’t guess.

I’ve just never been down with the “here are 20 random samples I picked from my HD and here are 7 random rules” kind of challenges.


I’m going to be very candid about this & I’m sure I’m not the only one in that situation, but maybe they are afraid to say:

I have no idea what a “beat battle” is.

Hard to be interested in a project that nobody explains, as it is assumed that everybody knows what it is…


Great point @morphic.

Basically it is a beat/song making contest with a small sample pack (or other audio source). Sometimes you can only use the audio provided. Sometimes other instruments are allowed. Often there is a theme and other rules (like, you can only use one delay on a send, no other delays allowed). I think traditionally on IDMf participants have had one week to make their tune then they get posted and voted on. The winner is in charge of coming up with the sample pack, theme and rules for the next battle.


fair enough, on the other hand when things were going well it seemed like it was always morphing to what the majority finds acceptable/engaging and the process seems organic enough that it was allowed to change to peoples preferences.

i think a bigger obstacle was the winner being saddled with having to think up a concept and provide samples when they maybe weren’t inspired to do so or didn’t have much time to put towards that and that could easily lead to a less engaging beat battle.


Thanks for the explanation, good sir!

While it sounds like a fun concept, lack of time/availability would be the main barrier for me. There are too many things I already don’t have time to do, so I have to prioritize. I hate the fact that works takes away so much of my life but what can you do…


Yea, I was only an occasional observer for the most part so my opinion may not be worth a whole lot lol.


I never did Beat Battle… was frequently interested but a little intimidated because of my meager gear and DAW skills.

I did do a challenge once though… it was one source … subtle machine noise; and the challenge was to compose a piece that gives the feeling of being in deep space… it was fun and I got good piece out it.

I did that challenge because it was simple: one sound source and one prompt. It was also a prompt that interested me.

I would be interested in something like that on occasion… :thinking:


it’s still valid, especially since the problem is failing to attract bystanders in the first place


I’ve looked in on the beat battles often, but most of the time they’ve been more like a sample challenge, which is fine if you’re DAW based, not so for hardware so much. When I think of a beat battle, I think of old skool Electro Hop Hop or The Prodigy. Like; here’s an acapella or some samples from an existing song; use them to make something cool; you can use what you like with them, but you must use some, and keep them recognizable. So I have to agree with @relic on what he said.

The movie idea sounds cool, or maybe put some samples together and make something in the style of"movie title goes here": Change the idea around a bit, so it’s a bit different each time, but on the same context. Maybe call it something different.

There used to be an Ambient Challenge run by A.M on the old site, but I can’t see why we can’t have those type of things as well.

Also a little more time would be nice sometimes.
Also what @7asid said about the winner being saddled with the next challenge can be a problem, especially if it’s your first attempt and you’re not expecting to win. So, maybe when you have a cool idea, you could PM whoever is running the show the concept and samples, they put on a piece of paper in a jar and randomly pull one out for the next challenge.


The beat battles were done to hone our music skills rather than arguing about everytime skrillmau5 breathes if i recall correctly.

But anyways revive it as you see fit.



The beat battles dont necessarily have to be sample based.

You could have a unique set of rules that determine the nature of the track for the battle.

Like tracks made with lfos battle, or tracks made with phase fuckery battle.

The using a sample thing could be optional per battle.


i dont get that skrillmaus breathes thing what do you mean by that?


i agree, the using of only samples thing isn’t reflective of most people’s workflow and it may be easy to lose interest. i find it an exciting and teachable challenge but at the end of the day the results don’t really integrate into my regular output and if im showing someone a bb i’ve made i usually feel the need to explain the sample conceit.


Hi all,

Let me start by saying, I can remember when people like Jazzyspoon, Ben, IG, Rotorro, zephoria, and others were involved in Bb’s. It got sour after a few nasty comments, and someone else took it over.

That said, I did make a attempt to revive Bb(IDMF), and it was met was some rather unpleasant behavior. This in turn led to forming a Bb group at metapop.

After watching it growing, and being fairly active, here’s what I’d like to share:

Rules are fine, but they should work as a guideline and be flexible based on the actively involved members. No 1 man is a island nonsense!

Allowing participants to add in other instruments/sounds/voices should be left up to the host of the BB to decide.

A lot of light hearted banter is key, and no douchebaggery!

The community wanted more than 1 vote per voter, so allowing 5 points to be distributed, with no more than 3 votes to a single track(ie. Can’t give 1 participant 5votes).

Most importantly is engaging with each other, and not having a “I’m better than you” attitude really helps keep the people engaged.

Hope this helps, and isn’t taken the wrong way.


I’d be happy with something that’s less of a ‘competition’ as such and just a general suggestion of a theme to see what each other come up with. I mostly used to do the Beat Battles to help me think outside of the box or to limit myself a little, but these days I just want to have some fun and rules and restrictions are very counter to that point.