Beat Battle Discussion


Definitely, we need something like this. I realized that when i was making the latest battle, and I was like, “what needs to go in here?”, that is, just some sort of pre-written list of rules and guidelines that can be used by hosts when they’re making the battles.

Our countdown clock site seems to have gone away too, I suppose we’ll just paste time info and deadlines and all stuff for now.


Imo we should ammend the overall BB rules as soon as possible with the “only using free samples that permits people to modify and distribute however a person sees fit” or whatever legalese needed and maybe put the rules/legalese in a stickied thread in the bb section of the forum (something that all bb participants can see) and start archiving the winning tracks for each bb after the legalese ammendment, as for the previous bb winners pre-idmf reincarnation it’ll be really hard to track down and find said tracks and it’s likely the tracks in question have been deleted, it just would be easier to start from scratch… for the best of the beat battles release

also did a thingy concerning the general rules

is that ok? also anyone wanna help drafting up a legal statement/disclaimer that covers;

also point out if i’m missing something that needs to be covered


Also after the holidays I’ll start synthesizing myself some samples and make a pack for everyone that can be used for some of the future beat battlea I’ll post it the sample archive thread sometime in January and

***** by sharing my sample pack i xvf thereby give my consent to freely use the samples I provided for the purposes of making and distributing music and acknowledge that all of my samples that I’ve uploaded are made by me and that I solely am responsible for the samples that I’ve provided in only my sample pack

Xvf *****


The term you are looking for is creative commons zero.

Im sure there are other countdown widgets we could use :slight_smile:


Essentially the point is that either they are not under any copyright, or if they are, they are under a copyright that we can legally use them under.


Here’s the links I had dug up for the Beat Battles tracks before the old site went down.
Some of them have gone missing since I recorded them. Note, not all of these were actually winning tracks, as a lot of the older battle winning tracks were no longer linked properly, so in those cases I went for a track I simply liked (we were hoping to use these as a Beat Battle best of release of some sort). As is, the more recent battles are more likely actual winning tracks, but older ones may be a toss up. They all are, however, legitimate entries.

Why aren't there more releases?

Hey so, before the site crashed we were talking about doing something special for BB100, which is kinda sorta soon-ish somewhat, with a potential small prize or something for the winner, up to even having a larger battle with an extended deadline to make some serious tracks.

I’m open to whatever, doing something, I like the idea of it, even if it’s just a small pocket synth operator or something to the winner (of course, we’d need to find some people to pitch for it, I’d be willing to throw in for a small prize).

What say ye?


Sounds like a great idea to me. I wish i could chip in :frowning:
The idea is great though, even though i likely will not find time to get involved


VIVA LA BEAT BATTLE! So confused right now… had to make a new accunt and everything. So shiny I am… SQUIRREL! Yeah… what happened? I missed alot…


The server on which the old site was on went kaput, and there was no backup in place.

They set up this site, which is now IDMf v2.0, starting completely from scratch.


So…I finally crawled back out from under my rock…I uploaded the samples here:
BB54 Stems
They are 100% Creepr-made and therefore no copyright problems. Anyone and everyone who wants to use them for BBs or personal projects, go right ahead.


Sweet! I’ll post them in the archive.


Big ups to everyone and shout out to @IO_Madness for keeping a mass archive for this.

I still vote for BB100 we utilize the archives… :smiling_imp: :wink:


We should get on that…being that 100 is coming up in a few weeks…

I think “all the archives” is maybe a bit much…but then again that is one guys opinion. Another option would be to have everyone who wants to contribute 1 stem, which we collect for a week, and that is the pack. Perhaps we should also discuss the rules, since we should probably look at making something that, for example, could actually be put out and heard as an album. “Noise art of the 14th century torture chambers” or “orchestral body noises” are probably bad ideas in that case. Let us save those for 101…:stuck_out_tongue:


Hey hey guys, I am reviving this thread to bring you some news. The netlabel team has been tossing around a few ideas behind the scenes and we are interested in marking the occasion of the 100th Beat Battle with a netlabel release!
As this is a community effort, and has been since BB1, the label team has no interest in dictating anything here…but if a release of BB100 is of interest to the BB crew, there are a few points we would need you to consider/be aware of:

  1. we need a solid number of entries to make something out of. like, more that 4. a BB100 EP sounds kinda weak ya know?
  2. We have a full schedule this summer already but can shuffle a few things around, but in the end we would not be able to do anything with the tracks until the beginning of August. Assuming we get the raw material by then we would like to turn it around and push it out the door within a month.

These two points brought us to a few ideas, but these are only ideas from 4 IDMfers here…in the end the community needs to decide how to proceed with BB100, not us:

  1. Since we can’t work the tracks until August, there is no push to have the BB finished until then. Why not open this sucker up for like 4-6 weeks? It would give everyone interested loads of time to work on something, even if they are working on something else too, have a day job, vacations, whatever.
  2. For reasons which I cannot go into in detail, it would be awesome for us if this did not kick off around the first of June. Personally here, I thought the 15th sounded like a pretty number. just one guy’s opinion.

TL:DR, All of us in the label team think it is freaking awesome that we are reaching the 100th BB. We want to support this community project milestone with a release.

What say you all?


I Nominate

@FMB because he started the bbs
@IO_Madness because he has been involved with it for a long time

That is If they are willing to spearhead it,
I also suggest people utilizing the vast sample archive of previous bbs that @IO_Madness has thoughtfully organized

@FMB, @FMB, @IO_Madness,

Sorry guys I’m hoping the beetlejuice thing summons you lol,

I’m not volunteering because I already tried and failed with the breakcore beat tape which turned to shit…but in the end it became sounds for skeleton so silver lining


It’s super cool to see how much traction the beat battles are getting, and the quality of releases on them.

Speaking only for myself, I always felt like a “beat battle royale” as BB100 would be really sweet. Even if there was no rules other than anyone can dig into the 99 previous sample packs (which IIRC @IO_Madness has maintained with the help of others). Big thanks to everyone else involved in the BBs, and maintaining archives. I was really fucking impressed to see all of them on a list. haha.

sounds like a fun creative delve to slam a ton of packs together and dish something out open genre-wise.

What do you guys think should happen for BB100? Anything goes, no rules, just only using the archive for samples?

does anyone have any thoughts on voted/non-voted (art/songs), collabs, anything? I’m really interested in hearing what you guys want to do for the 100th :stuck_out_tongue:


I have looked into doing the beat battles before, but with only an SU200 to work with, it kind of makes it difficult to attempt in the 2 week time limit. That might sound strange to those in the box or with modern samplers. I was planning to have a go at this one whatever the samples or rules were. Not because it’s the 100th BB, but that I’d really like to do the samples for BB101, mainly due to the number 101’s link to a certain sci fi movie, which would make for a pretty cool BB for you guys. I guess I’ll have to see what happens.


I dunno about spearheading it, ive not been involved for 99% of what has gone on so its not for me to do. Im definitely down for participation though. I might be able to contribute some samples too if that’s required.


Offering to make #100 a net-label release is a nice gesture :heart:

The idea of using the entire catalogue of samples from previous BBs is interesting in a mind-boggly “into the rabbit hole” sort of way , - but personally I’d probably prefer the challenge of being limited to a very few samples.

Limiting the samples would also (potentially) result in entries that work better together as a release, - because of their similarities.