BB98 - Noisefloor Extravaganza


I will give these all a solid listen tomorrow and give some feedback. I am balls-deep in some misguided attempt to program my own sequencer app cause one does not really exist for windows…and I cannot stop for some reason. Plus if I turn that shit up loud right now to do it justice my wife will lock me in my office for the night. It is cold in my office…and there are no snacks.


i used combination of stuff
using my stock fm synths, sytrus and toxic biohazard as samplers to get some fm modulation (i sampled a millisecond of the waveform from the samples you provided to get a weird waveform),
gross beat, granular synthesis,
mostly the default impulse for the convoluted reverb and one impulse is one of your samples in addition to the stock reverb
and vocdex
and slicex

and combined the dry wet signals and eq’ed them
i probably broke the rules using the fm synths as samplers but eh…thanks for making that bb sample pack its really awesome :cheese:


My 2c:

Nice use of the samples to create melodic content. I really dig the pad in the background there up to about the 40second mark. how did you make violins out of those samples? Definitely creative use of the materials there. sounds edgy.

Cool, very industrial sound. The breaks inbetween the sounds kinda throw me off a bit in the beginning…I like the overall static, glitchy sounds though.

Very atmospheric, especially around the 1:30 mark, I really like the deep bass coming in a few seconds into this bit.

Also a cool atmosphere right at the start. Nice use of the percussive samples and some rythmic elements. The "burn off" sound around the minute mark is particularly cool and interesting.

The most melodic so far… strong rythmn going in here too. Not as "explosiony" as the other tracks but you get some great mileage out of the samples in unique ways.

Spacey intro, I like it! VERY atmospheric…sort of dubby with the delays there. Good use of space in the mix to create builds and falls, not a wall of sound. How did you make crickets out of those samples?

Cool use of the drum samples…nice and glitchy…is that some ringmod I hear in there? Like TvMcCs track what with the strong melody and repetitions. The most musical track overall. I like the heavy delay at the end.

Oh, another quite rythmic piece…sounds a bit Aphexy with the chopped percussion parts in there….nice drop! I would like to know a bit more about how you chopped up the rythmns so much…something I am not so good at.


My vote goes to @xNOiSEx because dub crickets.


They actually emerged when I EQ’d the low end out of one of the samples, which I’m assuming was either partly a field recording or just really interesting design on his part. I wonder if MS even knows they were there!


i’m pretty sure it’s all just synthesis but it’s really hard to tell where some of them came from originally so everything is possible.


scoreboard (let me know if I’m wrong and can’t count)

@InDefianceOfGravity - 3
@Creepr - 2
@nostromer - 1

@bfk and @TvMcC, get your votes on.

In any case I wish for @xFREDxDURST to do the next sample pack. It would be really interesting. As a current king of these lands I’m making this a law.


my vote goes to indefiance of gravity


What do you say, @xFREDxDURST? Are you up to the challenge? Not sure why I’m even asking, since you don’t really have a choice. The previous king made it a law. And as the current king, I’m upholding that law.

Get crackin’.


This shall be the rule from now on, my fellow former duke, now crowned as a king of these lands. @xFREDxDURST is capable to achieve great things, I am sure about it and the best way to achieve that is to force him to do that otherwise there’s this unavoidable end who is waiting for him - everyone’s all time’s favourite hanged, drawn and quartered execution, just like my grandma used to like. We need to respect our traditions.


i’ll throw 1 @bfk

was a blast, awesome submissions all.