BB98 - Noisefloor Extravaganza


I got a call from Michael Bay himself and he NEEDS YOU to be an audio editor for his latest Transformers movie trailer Transformers XXIV: Electric Dysfunction. His sound guy has quit his job to pursue career in gardening so you must take his role because MB is considering to keep your family as hostages locked in THE CUBE for 2000 years if you decline this offer.

But MB is a pretty laid-back dude so after 18 beers he decided to scramble some audio he kept in his mom’s computer to help you out. But that audio is pretty rough, all very synthetic and completely random (even names make no sense). It probably was made by interns that worked for food on his previous projects but MB didn’t respond when I asked him about that.

MB also decided to come up with 3 rules for no reason (probably because he’s hungover and pissed) so here they are:


  • Use this sample pack only©. No extras so grease up your samplers. Stretch, layer, deconstruct. Obviously it won’t be very musical. There’s no genre limit but keep in mind you’re working on some modern trailer music and MB might get pissed if he hears some boy choir and latin drums. It’s all about bass drops and LOUD NOISES!

  • Keep it short (1-2min). Most of the time you start a track and can’t finish it because it needs to be longer. You don’t want to hear MB’s heavy breathing behind your back, trust me. So make it a compact piece, however you’re welcome to go beyond 2 minutes if you’re brave enough.

  • Avoid repetition (unlike MB movies). It must have constant changes. just like in some trailer music. Create short ideas then merge them together. It must keep evolving and transforming so ditch regular song structures if you must. It doesn’t need to make sense.


                            **Submission deadline is OVER**

Now if we get enough of submissions it’s possible that I could merge them all into one long piece to fulfill the prophecy.

Have fun and let me know if this is a bad idea.


I’m in, But only for the film score street cred I fully intend on including within my Waffle House napkin mewsickal resume.


im in


and my bb sub:


I read this bb description and all I think is QEBRUS
damn I wish I could participate in this one, I’m definitely in the mood for blasts of alien sounds atm


Holy shit looks like I missed a few movies

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I assume we did not miss much. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just got done listening through the samples. 1-2 minutes is easy-peasy. I could make an album out of this stuff!:grin:
perhaps not a very good sounding one…but still. Great pack man, challenge accepted!


hell yeah, @bfk, that has to be the fastest submission ever! I’ll give my thoughts on every track after the deadline to keep the intrigue going.

@Creepr, sure, 1-2 minutes doesn’t seem so bad but rule 3 is very important here. But you can go beyond 2 minutes if you really want and can’t stop.

@Lug, Qebrus style is ideal for this. Do it do it do it

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Yea. No idea.


I was planning to make something for my lullaby mix out of it with a few nice VSTi patches made from the samples, but I liked the samples too much and made something for my meditation mix instead lol:


Just checkin’ in… Excellent stuff, guys. I like the fact that I can barely tell original sources in each of track. Resampling done right.

We got 3 submissions already. 9 DAYS REMAINING.


I just had to resample my own resamples. It must be done. Hope any of one you find this at least a bit inspiring and maybe get a clearer idea of what my intention is with this BB. Have fun! There’s still plenty of time.


Ah geez…3 days left right? I will do what I can here. :slight_smile: Lots going on IRL.

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I’m thinking to extend the deadline because most people find some time for music only at weekends. So, 12 May (this Sunday) should be the deadline. Like if you agree and I’ll extend it.

edit: MAY 12 it is.


I’m not participating but I gotta say… you’ve got the Michael Bay vibe pretty well captured here. I’ve worked with the guy and I can tell you he sounds like THAT! :ghost:

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Thank fucks sakes for this, I was about to concede but it seems all is still on.

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If we’re not receiving at least 69 submissions I’m extending the deadline to year 2119.


Great. For once, I was actually done before the deadline. But seeing how I’m all about tweaking until the very last moment and making shit worse, I guess hooray for 3 more days of that.

this is 1 take as well. Got the samples, and came up with this same day.