BB98 - Noisefloor Extravaganza



yes yes bring me some more

i am almost complete

(opinions will appear on decision day to avoid any spoilers)


I broke all the rules. but I used only the samples provided :slight_smile:

mastered very bad usual, but hey, one session none the less.

edit oops! I forgot on this one to of trim off the end. Oh well, fuck it. This was a fun experiment to chop up anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit ok I fixed it. why does the OCD of BB do this to me?


Really cool samples. Rule #3 was kind of a pain. After I had a good chunk of this done, I had to go back and make shit more irregular on purpose. Still couldn’t bring myself to fuck up the last part too much.


well fuck, that settles it, my vote goes to @InDefianceOfGravity. Fuckin’ nice man.


Is that song title a vg reference?


Not really, but now I remember it’s a form of frontline-supporting jedi meditation in the Star Wars universe…


K, here you go, I managed to finish something. :slight_smile: Lots of re-processing, and reprocessing of the reprocessing…I honestly don’t know how I ended up coming up with half of this.


some sick sounding ish fellas.

once again i’ve been a turd and not done a BB… maybe just maybe i can throw something together, got a brunch gig and mother’s day stuff but i’m gonna see if i can get one in. I need to repent for my absence from teh BBs


OK, so deadline is today (?) but since time zones are different it’s up to your current zone.

Next stage: I will compile all tracks into one post for an easier listening experience. There’s still some time for submitting, don’t panic!

Then the voting begins. I’ll write down my opinion on each track too, feel free doing that too if you wish to let everyone know how well they did.

Good stuff, I’m glad you guys got inspired by this sample pack.


All submissions:




@_ms (don't vote for this one) 


don’t know to to re-link a private soundcloud link so here’s the original post (press on “expand” arrow):




original post:


All the tracks have really cool and distinct atmosphere. I still dig more beat-oriented tracks, so for me, it’s a toss up between _ms and nostromer. But because there appears to be some kind of a subliminal message about not voting for _ms, I guess it’s going to go to nostromer by default.


Lol, yea. @_ms just wanted to make one. He is leading this bb.


It’s because I’m the host and I think you can’t vote for the same host again, or can you? My intention was just to inspire dudes while messing with my own samples so it’s not that kind of submission. Will leave my vote and opinions on tracks soon. This BB is very consistent with plenty of high quality stuff, holy hell.


My vote is @InDefianceOfGravity.

I think they’re cool. Can visualize them being in either some twisted Dr. Death type horror stuff.


Yeah my vote is going to have to go @InDefianceOfGravity again, I’m a sucker for those industrial beats. Nice edits and overall atmosphere.

All of these are really dope, I think the majority of them nailed the “trailer” vibe.

Michael Bay owes us royalties


Tough call. I vote for the Creepr. :bug:


@InDefianceOfGravity for me


@bfk I can’t even tell original sound sources which means you did a great job completely deconstructing those stems. A very atmospheric and granular design with a very consistent ambient approach that brings a unique futuristic vibe. These constant glitch textures really colors entire composition once you focus on them, it’s kind of like wall of sound but it isn’t. Good stuff.

@bbb very raw and algorithmic piece. It’s like original soundtrack for some server room that also sounds like machinery malfunction and these tiny micro-loops does that trick for sure. Excellent in a way how digital it sounds. Absolutely meets all 3 rules and goes really well with current BB idea.

@metaside a very smooth sound design experience. It’s an excellent “background” atmosphere for alien planet with a right amount of sound design in it. It sounds very organic by how sounds were processed, I just love some slowly morphing textures.

@TvMcC bitcrushed heaven. A very left-field composition that captures a very contorted sound design. Very unusual rhythm-wise and is kind of industrial and psychedelic in its own way. Very dystopian and far from easy listening. Great ideas.

@xFREDxDURST this is very similar to metaside’s one. They would work really well together. It’s a perfect blend of organic and artificial sound to my ears and you managed to create a very dark atmosphere that really shows up in second half. A great dark background ambiance for tense moments.

@nostromer this is very different compared to previous submissions, it’s more of a “headbanging” approach because it strongly relies on creating rhythmic loops. The way you made drums out of these samples is really cool. It’s a very dark and gritty composition and there’s enough of sound shifting to consider it non that linear. It fits in our frame.

@InDefianceOfGravity this goes in a similar way with nostromer’s track and it’s also a really hard hitting one. Some really complex drum programming going on and the idea that it’s constantly shifting really meets my interest. First half especially shows an excellent sound design work from your side. Great complexity.

@Creepr this track, metaside’s and xnoisex’s have very similar things in common. It’s these slowly morphing textures that I really dig. This track doesn’t completely deconstruct original sources (like bfk did) and you still can hear their presence at some moments and I dig how well it all was implemented. A very strong piece.

So do I really need to decide on who should I vote for? WHYYY

I have to pick who was closest to my idea (and most of you achieved that) and I vote for @Creepr


Lol, yea I was feeling that same vibe when I made it. The main “no idea” came from resampling one of the tracks to a new audio track. But as it recorded I stretched the wav back and forth as it played, giving it that broken aspect.

Once I did that, I layered in some other stuffs. Was fun. And then no idea what else to do with it. Lol. Could have processed some but…