BB97 - Cyber Revolt


haha, oops! Yeah, I think I had that backwards. In the future I say we just create a poll. LoL.


4-4 currently, there was an _ms vote waaay up there.


I already voted _ms up there.


AH! Sorry about that, my scrolling skills aren’t as sharp as they should be. Missed that one.

Awesome, so that just leaves IO to call a tie breaker and we’ll have a winner :slight_smile:


I’ll cast my vote in a hour or so when I get off work!!


My vote goes to JvS


Here's my write up:

Metaside - The Robot Overlord Lullaby
Cool chill melodies. Very nice. Very relaxing.           

mmm bring the breaks, cool bass pad underneath. Cool stuff.

JvS - Higher Beings Collapsing
ooooo loving the chambery echo-y vibe. Like I'm in a room in a dream         
somewhere and thoughts and ideas are just flowing around and in and out.     

InDefianceOfGravity - Who U Gonna RoboCall? RoboKilla'!
ooo nice dnb like the bass parts!!                         

Creepr - The day after the night of the return of the never before seen 
         probably robotic overlords from mars.
Like the vocal sample playing along with everything.

Mundainmonstre - Cirguts Anomaly        
Like the little bass melody that plays throughtout the track. Also the neat
short circuity sounds.


lol I guess nostromer has to break the tie


Haha I already voted for MS - but how about this, which one of you @_ms @Creepr wants to host?

If either of you guys have a great concept and the will to do it - I say you are the winner. :slight_smile:


I am happy to let MS take this one. How about is @_ms?


sure, this was my first beat battle so I could try hosting the next one as well.


I was gonna say, if i had to have a second vote, I’d say _ms.


sounds good, I say _ms took this round. Grats!


_ms, basically just set up a thread in Community Projects> Beat Battles sub-forum, make three rules, post some samples, and it’s 11 days to work on the track, 2 days to vote, and 1 for the winner to get the new beat battle up.


just one day to get the new beat battle up? Oh no, i need to make some samples then.


I mean, we’re a fairly easy going group, so if you need more time, don’t sweat it. But we try to keep them consistent.


That’s one thing I’ve thought about working on coming up with a different sort of schedule, as “winning” the beat battles is kind of a dubious award, in that you “win” the responsibility of making the next beat battle, and are given one day to do it lol

Here’s some cake if helps:

But yeah, don’t sweat it too much. Just make find some cool sounds, throw them in a zip, come up with the rules, and that’s it.


yeah, the one day thing is a bit of a kick in the soft bits :dizzy_face:…perhaps we need to rethink that part of the schedule.


It’s only a problem if you win. :rofl:

I actually just like playing sometimes. Not the winning part. Which has only happened once.


Thanks for cakey om nom nom

don’t worry, my friends, i’m digging deep into my audio bounces (i don’t even know where must stuff came from). Might be from my current WIPs or abandoned-somethings so I’m up for recycling, we’re very eco-friendly here. Now with BB concept… huh… I’ll see what stuff I might discover first.