BB97 - Cyber Revolt


It is my pleasure to host BB97. The robots are taking over, and it is your duty to sequence them back to the future from whence they came, using any and all tools your DAW can provide along with the samples included.


  • A pack of 5 different energy weapon leads I hand recorded. They have mostly the same melodic patterning although recorded different with various voices and modular effects.
  • 15 FX blasters of various glitch, robotic, and computer-based samples. These scare the robots, use them wisely.
  • 7 Amen demolitionist break loops. Amen breaks have been used for generations to destroy the androids.


  1. Must use at least one of the lead melodies. It doesn’t matter how, reversed, stretched, shifted, cut, however. Get creative and you might survive.
  2. Must use at least one Amen break somewhere in the song, even if it’s for a bridge or chorus, the rest can be as experimental as you want. These hit their weak points.
  3. Use as many of the robotic samples as you like, as long as some are present in the piece. It’s good to know your enemy.

The drums, bass, and any other melodies you wish to add are at your sole discretion, so long as there is one of the leads and one amen break. Aim for something with a robotic scare, otherwise the invaders might taze you.

The winner survives the robot apocalypse. Enjoy!

                         **Submissions are due April 21, 2019**


yeahhhh break it all down

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updated the BB archive:

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Started a track today. We shall see how it goes this week. :slight_smile:


I’ll attempt something if I have time next week/weekend.

On a vacation.


You had me sold on this with energy weapons, But then you start using those trigger words like (experimental, glitch, break and modular effects) And the melody is already provided?!?! Count me in this attempt to assimilate all cultures for their technologies and the thrill of the fun is to resist despite its futility. I’m sorry Dave, But now its time to breakbeat the fuck out of Cyberdyne Systems with algorithmic fury.


You extended the timeline of your BB for me, I wouldn’t mind doing the same for you so long as everyone is done and you think you’d be inspired enough to provide something rad. :slight_smile: <3

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It’s no worries. If I can I will.


Did someone mentioned C Y B E R AND F U T U R E? I became allergic to amen breaks but I can still try to make some super heavy stuff. Downloading sample pack atm, sounds like a cool challenge.


After fighting the robots for decades and seeing more and more of the last deep underground and ocean cities falling to the relentless hordes of AI based war machines, I was close to giving up. The way forward was not brute force or even smart tactics. We simply stood no chance against the high frequency of constant updates, counteracting every single one of our measures and innovations.
When our population was down to just a few scattered groups of decrepit shadows of human beings and the environment was grossly wounded since robotic exploitation of the earth had stopped at nothing short of the planet core, the miracle happened. A child was born. And I finally had learned my lesson.

Never try to fight something if you can just put it to sleep…

[This is just for fun since I focus on lullaby works right now lol, not a serious submission for BB97 - I broke all the rules but I did use all of the Amen breaks and some robot samples and resampled parts of the leads :wink: ]


Did this in one session. Not quite balanced, just roughly mixed. All audio came from nostro’s sample pack, the original sound is just bass layer. Atmosphere was made from one of these pads, all these glitches were from these FXs. Amens went amen (I hate amens).


I too made most of the breaks and 3 of the leads. My contribution is the reverb swollen Yamaha DX27 sequenced and clocked via MIDI out due in part the Arturia Minibrute2s.


Welp, this was fun. Wish I didn’t waste 60% of the time I allotted to this geeking out on bass resampling, since I only ended up using a small portion of that. Would’ve been nice to have more time for actually writing the tune or getting a better mix down.

I stuck to using only the provided samples. So except for the basses, everything else came from that. Used 2 amens, 1 melody, and all the robots.

RoboKillas be making yo ears bleed with overcompression and shit.


Damn dudeeee, this is fucking sick! Really love the bass/amen work. That’s fuckin rad

@bbb - did you get a chance to whip anything up, do you need another day or two?

@aSSerbik If we collectively decide to move the deadline, if anyone else wants to - you can feel free to re-mix and sub again :slight_smile:

Man, this is also incredible.

Going to be a hard choice!! Everyone has done a killer job. Color me impressed.

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I"m about ready to suggest we make an EP out of this thing, gaddamn guys!!!


I haven’t been working on anything. Been busy since my Portland trip.

Nah. I already got sidetracked by this for good five days. Damn you, dude. I gotta focus on stuff. So it is what it is.

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Hey gang, I managed between work, family emotional meltdowns and more than a few beers to get something finished, so here you go. It has been a while since I did something in such a short time…it is good exercise for the brain muscle.