BB97 - Cyber Revolt


I’d buy the fuck out of this if it were an EP!!! It just keeps getting better. Cheers guies and a toast to the lady.


Also, I would like to make my voice heard for deadline extend. This of course is my own selfish desire to see more drops on this thread…Food for thought!


thanx for hitting me up, TOTALLY forgot about this. Just downloaded the pack in loaded it in Renoise. Lets see how quick I can make this.


That’s about where I’m at. These subs are so good I wouldn’t mind some more.

Shit, even for an EP I might make my own version. This could be killer, fuck yeah. Great job dudes


Yes please!!! <3


Got mine. Was having kinda writer’s block, but threw something together to have something.


Here is mine. Kinda rushed, but hey, I had fun! Let me know if I need to fix anything mix wise or volume wise.


Since nobody else chimed in asking for an extension, I think it’s safe to assume no more tracks are coming.

All tracks are pretty cool in their own way, but my vote goes to _ms.


Alright, it’s called! Everyone get your votes in. I’ll give it a couple days or until everyone who subbed a track has voted to call the winner.

Another epic shout out to everyone who participated in this, haven’t heard this epic of a beat battle line up in a long time. This is a super hard choice. I’m going to have to mull over these a few times today before I can jump on a vote.


To save everyone from getting scroll-cramp:

(In the order of submission)









Bumping this - start voting homies! If you made a track in here I especially expect one. Haha.


I vote @Creepr

I think the use of the vocal sample really did it for me there. All had good stuff going on though.

I think the drums were pretty neat over the projects.


Gotta give my vote to _MS, though all the tracks are great! this is a great way to get back into the BBs for me, thanks for all the great inspiration. :sunglasses:


Really hard to decide… I like all the subs… I think I have to vote for Creepr since the slower Amen with the vocal is really extremely atmospheric and fitting. Nicely designed FX sounds, too!


cool stuff, cool stuff. Mundainmonstre’s one has a really cool bass line… Really hard to choose but I would go for Creepr too. I like synth parts a lot. It really goes well with Nostro’s idea for this BB.


I’ll vote for creeper myself. That’s an ace track.


Ahh… I have the hardest time deciding. But I think I have to go with MS. That one is just the perfect hard hitting style and I really love the amen layers and dark gritty atmosphere.


I’m voting MS too.


@InDefianceOfGravity @IO_Madness - You guys should toss in a vote!

Edit* - whoops! I can’t count.


I think you miscounted. :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah we need moar votes!