BB95 - Ut Oh!


Cooked these up for the IDMF massive exclusively! Hope you enjoy them, and look forward to hearing what gets done with them.

Everything was recorded at 44.1, at 85 b.p.m, and at 24bit. There’s several files, all of which have hopefully been labeled appropriately! :wink: I’ve also included a midi file in this pack to allow whoever participates more flexibility.

Start Date: 6:30 AM PTD - March 9, 2019
End of entry window/voting starts: March 21, 2019
Winner Announced: March 23, 2019
Next Battle Begins: March 24, 2019

Have fun!


More of a beat than a track


Haha! Sounds like someone had fun! Sorry think i played it a few times


no particular rule on this one ?


Make something filthy with what’s provided?




anyone got a copy of the files? I’m getting a 404.


@IO_Madness…hmm sorry I’ll re-uploaded in about 5 min.

Alright… links been fixed. Please let me know if you still encounter that error.


LoL 1 entry? Do we declare a winner and move on, or do we need a extension?


Lug has my vote.


does the you tag still work on these forums or is that direct shaming lol

I made a kick


i vote for Lug


I don’t want to win by default. I’d have to come up with samples and all that stuff. And like a rule. :hugs:


Haha. Well I thought more people were going to contribute. 11 downloads, 1 entry. Did my samples suck that bad?!? :frowning_face:


looks like I have two votes
I can produce a sample pack no problem


so I thought, since I already won, might as well post something

I vote bbb


@Lug No track available. BBB gets my vote


is it working now ?


Oh I’m home now and hear the tune through monitors. Nice little wobbly thing! :metal:t5:

Glad there was more than 1 entry lol.

We need someone to break the tie?


Bbb has my vote