BB95 - Ut Oh!


So, if I do win, how long do I have to fish out some samples? A few days?

NEVER actually paid enough attention or won…SO yea…I guess I could try today to attempt it, even if not winning.


Looks like you do win! What a twist. Now, the new round was supposed to start yesterday so I guess as soon as you compile those public domain samples we can get started


Lug that was coool


thanks tsachi! I kinda want to continue it, it sounds like it stops when it’s just picking up. I had fun putting it together and it was pretty quick; it’s not always like that.
are you going to participate on the new one ?


I thought your tune was cool as well, just seemed like a uncompleted thought. While BBB through together a beat that had a bit of direction.


but was it filthy though


lol yeah it was


so filthy gotta take a shower