BB129 - Hello and goodbye and video games


Thank you! How did you do that?


I just cut the link down to the song link.

Your link was the song but via playlist…
Remove everything after “mastered” (starting with the “?”) And it posts with the player


Orangeslice, I like your track a lot. Feeling the groove. Good work with the samples, you made them fit really well. Id give it a heart it but you have it set to private i guess.


Yeah, I was nervous about the sample use and decided to keep that one private, lol. I just updated it with a few changes - took out the harsh synth arp at the end. I felt like it threw off the chill feel.


Sorry about the samples… I thought it was a cool idea at the time but I’ve realized that owning the rights to all the sounnds should be a prerequisite in these battles.


Oh well. :] You tried and that’s all that matters.


Today is voting day? :thinking:


Yes sir! @orangeslice


Alright, well - Iiii think I should abstain, lol. There’s just two entries; so, you all do your thing. :grimacing:


Well in this case you don’t really need to vote because you can only vote for curator and curator can only vote for you. Not that I see it as a problem. :]

Therefore @curatorchris 1 vote @orangeslice 1 vote

Here is the breakdown for me.

@orangeslice I love all the smooth sounds in your beat or track and it made me feel as if I was taken on an adventure. I like all the processing done and the vocal chops. Had nice ambience to it.

@curatorchris I like the dance beat you have with your track and the processing done as well it made me feel as if I was going to a club with my synthetic friends ;]

You both did really well. However, my vote goes to @curatorchris as I liked the dance vibes in it although to be perfectly honest it was a rather tough decision on my part. Curse you two and your rather inspiring sounds. ;] lol

Vote so far
@orangeslice 1
@curatorchris 2


Hahaha, nice. Ahh - almost short circuited did you? :smirk:




Voting didn’t end until Saturday. It’s late for me right now but I’ll have my vote in tomorrow afternoon. after that we should have a good idea of how things are shaking out.


Hey all sorry I won’t be able to participate in this battle after all, just way too caught up with life stuff.

@orangeslice - love the trodding moomba/dancehall vibe you stuck with, as well as the fun with the quick stabs!

@curatorchris - yours has a bit more of a consistent theme, and structure it feels like. The bleeps and almost dutch sort of jungle terror vibe come across a bit as well.

Think for this I’ll toss a vote towards curator.

Tallying the vote @
orangeslice -1
curatorchris - 3

As for preparing a pack, yeah voting won’t end till Saturday, and remember to use non-copyrighted sources, small runs (ie. a motif), or you can do one-shots of sound you create. Some people enjoy playing a full-on phrase, while others might just create a loop of drums. It’s usually up to you to be creative or go for a mood, main thing is try to use samples you own the rights to, and have fun! =)


Oof, I think you got ours mixed up there. Or not, Idk, lol. I went with a more chill sound.

@curatorchris had the danchall vibe. I just reposted it for him. Hmm, maybe I should delete that and let Chris edit his post to avoid confusion. :grimacing:


Voting time!

@orangeslice: really nice vibes going here, sounded nice and bouncy. I liked what you did with the sound design, especially how you were able to use the vocal samples. The acoustic guitar loop works unexpectedly and I like the consistency in it, but there were times where it reached the point of being a little repetitive.

@curatorchris: If the last one was bouncy this one is leaping straight into the stratosphere with all that energy. Especially once the hi-hats/shakers come in things get really cool. There were a couple points where I wished there was a crash cymbal or a filter sweep to mark the transitions.

Haha wow when did I write all that? I finished one, finished the other, but one was much longer, so I made the other one longer, but then I had to lengthen the first one… But you’re not here to see me ramble.

I believe the vote total is:
@curatorchris 3
@orangeslice 2

Depends on whether @TvMcC got mixed up by the links; I’ll make sure to post the totals again once it gets sorted out (:


It is now Saturday. And I am pleased to announce that (regardless of @TvMcC’s mixup) the winner is @curatorchris! I really don’t know how the next beat battle will proceed, and I hesitate to even bring it up, but whatever the future ends up being I would begin preparing a sample pack. Congratulations!


As a suggestion, the pack could be posted here as well, or if anyone who felt as if I was stealing the Bb’s could just start the next bb here

Edit: don’t mean that statement to be a jab at anyone, so apologies if it comes across as such.


Awesome. Ill post a new pack and link to it here and on Metapop. Personally, Id love to meet some of the musicians on this forum and hear their music. So many cool and talented people on Metapop, must be the same here.