BB129 - Hello and goodbye and video games


WHO THE FUCK said I was the final voice for anything?!?!?

Go outside, get a actual life, get off my left and right nut, and get something more to do with your life instead of jumping to always stand up for something ya numb nuttt

you are toxic…



Like I said–poor wording to what was happening. But there is literally nothing to argue about here, never was. The beat battles were never going away, just a new group of people who feel more comfortable on another forum/service borrowing an idea that IDMf borrowed in the first place.

Also, I will re open this thread. I’m not shutting down this BB or the project in general.



Heh, heh. I see that the battling is not restricted to just beats. I am late to the party.

I understand the dispute was about taking members and moving them to Metapop for these - specific IDMF Beat Battles, but…

I’m a tad amused by the implied awesomeness of the IDMF. I am new, but I can look at past battles and see there has already been some decline going on for months: fewer members reading the posts, less participation, confusion about and changing of rules…

In some cases, we’re talking one, two…less than five entries to a battle on a site with hundreds of members and a post with over a thousand views. That is your progress after a decade. That’s terrible.

My understanding was that @TvMcC and some others were trying to revitalize the battles - not “steal” them. That anyone is interested enough to touch the corpse of this project is a blessing and compliment, @IO_Madness. That’s an ego check for you. Hopefully it inspires some positive change.



I know everyone always wants to say their peace. There were misunderstandings. Feelings were hurt. But I really don’t want to be modding this thread until the this current beat battle is over.



anyone working on anything? i started something but currently stuck


I haven’t started. I may have to rush something.


Whats the time frame on these nowadays. I struggle with current life/work balance, if I can have a bosch I will.
@7asid - goot to see you’re still around :slight_smile:
@relic and all sorry. BB is one of my main passions on IDMF so apologies, I was surprised and a little shocked.
We move on and make music as always.


I believe voting will start on Thursday, to finish on Saturday. I feel like I should try and put something together considering that I’ve given a pretty difficult time, but I’m finishing my first album and it’s really sucking up all of my music time… best of luck to you all though!


@MFXxx I’m not worried about it at all. Simple misunderstanding.


This Tuesday? Tomorrow? (May 11th)
I thought I had another week. I may not be able to enter something then, lol.


K, I wasn’t sure if the battle was ending tomorrow, and I have to work tonight; so I just pumped this out before work. - not complete, but it has the basic groundwork down. If I did actually have another week, then I’ll spend more time on it.

I use a synth for bass, and an acoustic gt. loop. The rest of the sounds are processed from the sample pack (mainly using Ableton Simpler and , but I used Iris 2 to create the gentle synth that comes in around 1:38).


Oh, wait, I misread. Thursday, not Tuesday; so, I’ve still got a liiiiiitle bit of time… @amongthestars


Sorry ya’ll…most of my students needed big extensions and extra help and I’m still buried grading as the deadline to submit final grades is tomorrow at midnight and I’m basically going to need all that time to finish my grading. So no submission from me.


I’ll try and DL the stems tonight, and see if I can knock something out quick. Life’s caught up to me as well, and I spaced getting to this!


OK, here is my entry.



I thought I’d edit the link so it’s easier for people to listen to. This is not my entry; it’s from @curatorchris.