BB129 - Hello and goodbye and video games


Welcome to the 129th Beat Battle. For those who do not know already, there has been discussion about moving the Beat Battles to Metapop after this battle. If this ends up happening, I (who’s been here for a bout a month and has never before hosted a beat battle) seem to have earned the honor of bidding the site farewell. almost 130 Beat Battles is an amazing accomplishment!

As for the actual competition, I am a big fan of many video games and have put together a sample pack of noises I sampled from some of my favorites. The rules are the following:

You may use any number of the provided samples and process them however you want.

in addition you may use:

One synthesized/MIDI track: You can use a hardware or software synthesizer for this, or a VST with instrument samples such as Kontakt.

One recorded track: Record an instrument or some vocals, or use something from a sample pack. This can be just about any audio you have the rights to.

Speaking of rights, I feel obliged to add a quick copyright disclaimer. I do not own these samples. This use of them should be covered by the Free Use Clause as long as they are not monetized. As such, I would not recommend uploading these to spotify, apple music, etc. if anyone here does that. As long as you don’t do that, copyight should not be an issue unless a lot of you object.

Good luck! You’ll need to do some serious chopping and processing to get a real song out of this; I doubt it’ll be easy…



aaand i forgot the samples. You can find them at

Let me know is something isn’t working!


@amongthestars Thanks so much for getting the pack up rather quickly!


No problem! When exactly would the deadline be? That’s probably something I should know given that it’s my turn to host…


Just who’s talking about that?! Wouldn’t think to at least consult with some of the people who’ve held major roles in running it in the past, not to mention maintaining archives of previous battles since IDMf isn’t a terribly reliable platform?


Nice one at @amongthestars I’m not sure what you want us to do with it are you wanting us to make a video game track out of it? Or just whatever we want?

@IO_Madness I don’t see the problem. However, you’ll need to talk to someone like @relic or @TvMcC about that they’ll have some more info for you.


@Soundbyte_DJ You can make anything you’d like. Go wild and make whatever you think works! @IO_Madness it was just something I heard could be a possibility. I don’t think anything’s been finalized… @relic & @TvMcC probably know better what’s happening.


@Soundbyte_DJ the problem is just you’ve done a couple BB’s doesn’t mean you can take the name and copy it somewhere else. The BB’s have been running for years, not just the last couple months that you’ve been a member, nor @amongthestars for that matter.

@TvMcC is also new, and none of you have been around for them long. You guys don’t have a claim to the BB’s, if you want to do something similar, that’s fine but you can’t use the “Beat Battles” name.


It wasn’t my idea, it was brought to my attention by @TvMcC. Please adress them with any concerns. I’m sorry if it bothers you, hopefully the two of you and possibly @relic work something out.


It’s just a little above your head, don’t worry about it too much.


Is there a soft exit here with IDFM. I mean seriously. The BB’s are a fucking stable diet here on the forum and (from a personal perpective) got me into the scene, the forum, the people on it and is a forum anchor.
All be it predominantly the old board pre 2018 or whenever the site collapsed and rebooted.

So moving it away to host on metapop is a little odd and seems a downward trajectory for the site!?

Of course, if you mean all BBs are hosted here and simply post your compositions on metpop, instead of using soundcloud for example. Its a good idea.
Saying that Ive not been in the last 30 or so…but I was involved in well over 70, so this is somewhat close to my heart.


1st off I am not new, i’ve been using and around IDMF since the days of bulletin boards!

2nd you don’t own the rights to “Beat Battles”, it’s been a name used by people battling with paid competitions for years!

Yes we’ve discussed moving BB’s to metapop, you can still host your battles here. This will be my last battle for sure, as this sort of drama definitely isn’t enticing, and only will push more people away from this site… with people like you throw your chest and “authoritative” nature around. Good luck.

You win man, do you want us to just leave and host on the other site so your seniority can be in charge?

@COUMMUNITY : I do apologize if I have hurt anyone’s feelings, it just has been dead in BB’s, and I’ve attempted to get more new people to join us. BUT have been met with this sort of attitude way too many times.


This is pretty much how I feel about it. The idea and the name are hardly unique. If the people who are actually participating in the BBs feel better about doing it on Metapop that’s cool. I’m glad they all came over and gave IDMf a chance.


Just to clarify–there is no reason the Beat Battles can’t continue on IDMf. It just requires members participate and that someone wants to kind of run things. Nothing is being “stolen” here.

Also, literally, what can anyone do about it if a group of members want to break off and go do it somewhere else?


I beg of people/EDIT: &droids, let’s not feed into the hateful stuff, if it has offended people, It was my mistake and I’ll take ownership/the bully hate talk… no need to feed, he’s right /…

he’s been doing these bb’s for a long time, since when Zefora, Rotorro, and many others where around…


I’m tired and I don’t have time for this argumentative nonsense bs. No mods deleted my comment I did of my own accord since the matter was over and done with. I’ll not be taking part in this beat battle because of all the negativity. I have a lot of collabs to work on more important and more fun. Enjoy!


You’re free to do your own thing, but the BB’s on IDMf have been a thing for a long time. You can’t just hijack it from members who have been using IDMf for almost ten years. Do your own thing, but don’t just declare the end of the BB’s because you up and decided to.

If you want to do a “sample song writing” challenge somewhere, that’s fine, but this is something community members have participated in for years, you don’t speak for everyone.


My post is more over a perspective of why and any motivation regarding the forum. As Relic rightly states everyones free to do what they want regardless. Beat Battles are all over the net.
Just saw the post and thought I’d missed somethging on a more grand scale like the forum being rejuvinated again or simply going off line…would miss it :wink:


Bottom line @TvMcC doesn’t speak for all, BB’s can continue on IDMf, unless one of the admins wants to delete our section, but to TvMcC do whatever man, hope you guys do something cool.


Yes, the beat battles will continue on IDMf if any members want to continue it. So there was some poor wording to what is happening shrug