BB128 - A minor Spring


@amongthestars and @Soundbyte_DJ both did amazing work! I feel like the BB’s bar has been rising lately I love it. Both have the spring vibe, great sound design and melodic sense. @amongthestars track did it a little more for me and that is my vote!


Voting time! Here’s the breakdown:

@Soundbyte_DJ: The sound selection here is impeccable. It has a lot going on with some strange sounds and I’d really love to hear you make more music like this in the future.

@Orangeslice: I really like the sounds in here as well. The ambient background is really cool and I like the acoustic snare.

@7asid: Super weird and unpredictable, but also very different from Soundbyte’s crazy glitch. Something about this one really stuck with me.

In the end my vote goes to @7asid. This track was right up my alley and really just had a great vibe that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but absolutely loved.

This puts the current tally at:

@Soundbyte_DJ 1
@amongthestars 2
@7asid 1


@Soundbyte_DJ - so many layers, and textures… really neat play on reinterpreting the chord progressions, and rhythms . tons of little effects and micoredits of their relative use of how the relate to the songs composition. the mallets, and the vocal chops gave me chuckles.

@amongthestars - the chopped up synth runs, and basic buildups between phrases stayed consistent. your choice to introduce sounds helped create a dance track that is arranged for a easy dj mix session. nice use of stuttering, and panning to help introduce some stereo space.

@orangeslice - nice compositional choices, and use of layering. the one ting I desired more of was drum change ups, other than that it was a really solid downtempo/r&b type vibe.

for this 1 my vote goes to @amongthestars


Tally now is:

@Soundbyte_DJ 1
@amongthestars 3
@7asid 1


Congrats @amongthestars !


The stars have it.
It was written.

The next challenge soon begins. AMONG, ASSEMBLE…the sample pack.


lol That brings me back to the old Justice League cartoons. @orangeslice


Thank you all! I’m getting the next pack together now :slight_smile: