BB128 - A minor Spring


this is dope



Typically a “frozen” track is a sequence in a virtual instrument with or without fx that had been printed or “frozen” into a wav file (or other audio file) for the purposes of reducing the processing load on your cpu. A wav file or “frozen” track is a static file in memory, which the computer just has to read vs a virtual instrument that the computer has to feed parameters into then do number crunching on the instrument’s engine and any fx on it to find the output.

It allows for working on bigger projects when your computer starts getting overloaded, or, just printing out samples for use in a sample pack.


Welp, this is as much work as I’m going to do on this song, for now. - going to take a lot of work to finish.


Ouf. I’m sorry ya’ll. I’m probably not going to pull something outta my ass by tomorrow. I’m here. I’m listening. Its the end of the semester and all the students are screaming for help. Please don’t take offense, I’m just swamped.

I know I’m online a lot but as we all know that doesn’t equal time to make a beat (or is that an excuse? lol).


“I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.”
lol, jk. (Fight Club reference)

Ahh, I’d been so looking forward to your entry.
I guess it’s just down to the three people then.


lol nice. Fight Club might have been the first movie I ever went to see twice. Damn, that’s an old one now. I think I was still in highschool when it came out! My favorite movie and book wise is “Choke” (I forget how to spell the author’s name).

Yea man, I was looking forward to this one as well. I want to try to do whatever the next one is but if I get a free moment soon I may still do something with the sample pack according to the theme. I spent the last few weekends making music so the missus wasn’t keen on me holing up in the studio all again so soon.


Oo, yeah! It would be nice to hear your output.


It’s the end of the semester as we know it! And I feel fine. ;] ( music reference)


i know its way past 10am do what you must


Love REM. Also this is the second time Ive felt old in this thread LMAO


You’re good! :] Love it! @7asid

I always feel old when talking to the younger generation. However, age is just a number. old music can still be enjoyable to the younger generations if they can appreciate it as much as you or I do. @relic lol if it makes you feel any better though I like Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong’s music.


The only word I can give for your track is: W O W


Well, your name is relic… :smirk:

Hehe, jk.

I only feel old when it rains, lol.


Oof :blush: Thank you very much!

I think it’s really interesting the different directions people took. You and @amongthestars went super upbeat, and the rest of us were on the chill side. Incidentally, I started working on my version while I was making the sample pack, and when I heard what you and among… made, I thought: “Oh god; mine is so depressing.” lol


It doesn’t feel depressing. It sounds more lofi and chilled out and it makes one feel like reminscing about spring. :] @orangeslice I agree with you on how everyone went in entirely different directions. So cool! That is what I like about music. We may have a few similarities in style, but each of us branch off in different directions with them.


@7asid I love how your track sounds. It is chilled out and lofi. It makes me feel as if I’m reminiscing about spring and all the good times I"ve had whilst traveling the galaxy in a spaceship. I also liked how you put glitch in there as well, nice touch! :]

@amongthestars You got some future funk style going on in yours. It reminds me of a celebration of spring and how happy it makes one feel when the warm weather comes in finally after waiting for a period of time. I love those risers, all those pitch changes. I love upbeat stuff as well and the glitch! It also reminded me of Daft Punk in some way.

Both of you well done! You both have unique styles and I enjoyed both a lot. However, I will choose @amongthestars :]

Just like the last time it was a close call 51% for amongthestars and 49% for 7asid.


Okay, I’m prepping for work; so, I’m going to make this quick… sigh

This was a tough one…

So, @TvMcC - It doesn’t meet the requirements, but I did like where your track was going. Lol, that said, I also didn’t feel it was very cheerful. But, as a standalone piece, I really enjoyed the mood and sound design, especially how you pitch-bent the guitar.

@7asid - Them drums tho! When the trip-hop drums hit…mmph. Yeah. Good stuff - very chill. Right down my alley, lol. I also liked the arps.

@amongthestars and @Soundbyte_DJ - really had a tough time deciding between you two as I felt you both did really well using the provided content and hitting the Spring mood. (Also, I was impressed by your output speed, lol.)

Tough call, but I’m going to vote for @Soundbyte_DJ because I loved how glitchy and odd the song was. It was busy but still cohesive, and you rose to the challenge and did something a little different from your usual and made what may be my favorite of all the work I’ve heard from you.


@amongthestars 1 vote

@Soundbyte_DJ 1 vote




I can relate to the one with the glitchy looking face. lol I always have glitches in my system. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or maybe more like this ^