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You can participate, and even be considered the winner! :laughing:



You can participate, and even be considered the winner! :laughing:

Wuh!? I didn’t know that was possible… I thought the host couldn’t. Learn something new everyday! xD


man some of these files are big lol, edit, well for those of us on working on hardware no a complaint was just shocked when one went over the maximum file length! edit edit: you got something out of me anyway… ;p


haha yeah the field recording I took while outside is around 30 or so minutes long “Ambient sounds of the outside world” @relic


im taking this to mean i can slap a vst synth on this and be within the rules correct?


I would say as long as it has some glitchiness in it, I’m fine with it so long as it is over the 2 or 2 and a half minute mark. :] Feel free to explore however you want. :+1:


Alright, I cut this shit down from like 15 minutes…I recorded a live “dub” from the Model: Samples and then edited it in my DAW. I could do a radio edit but Im submitting the 12 inch mix <3

Riser 3
Saxophone Loop (I edited a short piece out in Audacity as it would have been a monster to deal with in the Model: Samples)
Electric Piano
(sorry, on some of these I cannot see the full file name because of the limited screen on my sampler)

So, basically I did the initial sound sculpting on the Model:Samples.

The Kick is probably the big one–I used the LPF and resonance to get that big, bass-y “dub” sound. Just a matter of adjust the two cutoff and Q until I found a sweet spot.

Hats, don’t think I did much special here as far as sound sculpting on the sampler.

Riser 3 a lot going on here I edited the sample start, decay and length to find that percussive sound. Then I’ve also got an Random LFO sent to the sample length, I adjusted the speed and clock by ear. My sampler also has “conditional trigs” which mean some of the trigs only sound 66% percent of the time (or whatever I set them too). The bare sequencer is just the sample played every 16th note but the combination of all this results in a pretty random but glitch y percussion track.

Cresendo again I’ve got some basic filtering and Q and start/length adjustments to find the main sound. Then using an LFO with parameters set to get some variation in the pattern.

The Electric Piano sound just has some basic sound sculpting done then I’m using the sampler’s delay, again set by ear to be just right, to get the pattern you hear in the end product.

Next I had the sampler master outs running into Saturn 2 on my iPad. I spent a lot of time getting the saturation right on different frequency bands. Also did some basic EQ work evening somethings out.

At this point I recorded a 15-20 live “dub” (just me muting and un muting sounds, some use of the CTRL ALL on my sampler–which lets you change the same parameter for all tracks at once, you can here my doing this with the Pitch parameter in the final track). The recording is just a simple stereo track.

Afterwards I cut out the best section, edited that down to the 6:44 minutes you are hearing. I did one round of compression and FX on the stereo track (U-he Satin, DLYM and Interruptor Wow n Flutter were used heavily). A lot of micro level FX automation. I printed that to audio and started a new project.

In the new project I edited the stereo track to get some glitches in and dig the all the macro level FX automation (so like in the third of the track when everything gets fed into a delay and kind of becomes one drone). Same FX used over again here.

Also some master bus polishing.


I’m noticing a lot of good textures in this and some glitches, reverb, stutters and flanger, and possibly some bit crusher within and sudden stopping in here. Nicely done! :+1:


Alright. I’m going to have to pull something out of my butt, lol. I messed about on another project too long…


Okie Dokie, and here’s the butt yoink. I did some experimentation where I ran the samples through different FX, messing about, and that’s how I got most of the sounds.

I used:
Electric piano 4
Electric piano 3
Riser 4
Chiptune Riser

Then added…
A dialogue sample
And synths and VSTs for the bass, choir voc, and a little synth flourish.

  • did very little mixing or mastering type stuff - just didn’t want to miss the deadline, lol.


I love the ambience in it. I hear some time stretching in it as well. Some neat textured gliching going on here. :]


BTW, happy to list the samples I used and speak about what I did with them. There was quite a bit of processing and bouncing audio to get the textures in my track.


That would be good @relic always like the details :]


I will add some to my previous post this afternoon then…officially on spring break!


Hmm. Was this comment for me?


Yes! I forgot to quote your post when I replied. XD


Ahh, got it, lol.

Thanks for the compliments!


Does the host get to vote along with the participants? @relic @TvMcC or does the host cast the deciding vote only when there is a tie?


host can vote


Thanks! I was just coming here to say that my belief was that host could vote.