BB127 Eh...I don't know


I’m going to take an admin’s privilege and not leave specific comments for everyone, I’m buried in teacher shit here at the end of the semester. I sincerely appreciate the feedback from everyone on my little ditty. I did have a good listen to everyone’s entry, I forgot how cool it was to see how everyone uses the samples differently. I’ll give my vote to orangeslice this time though.


Oh well! lol XD @amongthestars Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate that.
Thanks for clarifying who can vote @7asid I was not sure who could vote on it besides the participants.


So far:




I have also added a bit of text that says anyone from idmf can vote up in the first post.


Alright, here we go:

@Soundbyte_DJ - Impressive stuff! I liked the energy in the track - lots of fun, changeups. - hardly a dull moment.

@amongthestars - Another energetic track. I like how you pitched the samples around to create the chord progression and the kick and hat work.

@7asid - Nice mixing. This soooo reminds me of Super Mario RPG; I really loved the melodic work about 3:40 into the song.

@relic - Immediate respect for all the processing and detailed description of your work. There were a lot of good transitions, and I liked the dark mood. Also, the length pulled me into the experience.

@TvMcC - A lot of interesting sample processing going on. I really like the percussive hat sound you created. This gives me a kinda creepy noir vibe.

I’m going to vote relic here. I was impressed by all the processing, and I also liked the mood of project. Nice work!


Winner is (imaginary drum roll please!) @orangeslice congrats nicely done!


Thank you all!

Now, :grimacing: on to making a sample pack. Oof


If you need help with anything let me know. And that is a general statement…seems we’ve lost some of the main beat battle crew. Until a community member wants to pick up of being in charge of the BB, I’ll be the admin go-to for the battles. I’m not in charge as this is a community project. But if you need advice or need a thread moved or something please don’t hesitate to message me.

I’ll also be participating as much as I can, so I’ll be around and watching.

As far as what is allowed in the sample packs I know back in the day were kind of tight asses about it. For now lets say anything unrecognizable is cool but lets avoid anything from pay-to-play sample packs.


Yeah… I’m sort of always around to help as well, but keep in mind beat battles started as a fun thing, and is community driven!

As relic mentioned, we’ve tried to keep packs away from a copywriting issue. If you own the rights to something, fair game! But pretty anything, and everything has gone in em! So just get wild wit it, and have fun!

Look forward to hopefully having time to participate.

Best of

Oh also…glad to have some new energy, hope no old bitter heads get to you, and maybe like relic, some of the “dated” members might reengage!
@Jazzyspoon don’t think Ig88(or whatever his name is floats around), @Roo_Stercogburn, @_ms, won’t keep name dropping…but you know who you are! :wink:


Thanks, @TvMcC and @relic

I’ve been working on the pack since this morning. So far, I’ve been using Kontakt instruments and synths I own (running through FX chains in some cases)- and creating loops that I’m exporting as audio and MIDI. Those should be fine, yeah?

And I have a bunch of samples - either free or purchased, but I can avoid the purchased ones and just use:

  • Free samples

  • Virtual instruments

  • Synths

to create sounds for the pack?


People have been known to use samples others have created, or dumps from off of a machine that are presets. Or breaks with copyright ownership, so I suppose yeah…

So I don’t see how any of that should be a problem.

Simple drum synthesis is quick and easy like snare = triangle + some noise: slight above noon/12o’clock (lowpass cutoff -12 works) cutoff filter, no ADSR or play with an envelopes decay to get it to hiss/crack/punch

Unless a majority states they have a problem with it, then it’s up to you. Just keep it to things you have the rights to use/distribute…i think


If you are having trouble with drums Gold Baby has a fantastic selection of reasonably sized free sample packs based on their pay-to-play packs.

I just downloaded the Thermonic Solid State freebie and it looks like it has the basics.


Hey, thanks, relic! I have plenty of sounds to work with. I’ll give those a listen though. I consider myself more of a downtempo artist, and I like acoustic sounds; so - I think you all will find this pack pretty interesting.

I’m keeping everything to the same key and about the same BPM to make it easier for me (and possibly everyone else too) and making a bunch of 4 bar loops and some one-shots that you all can chop, repitch, whatever…

I might put a related song on Metapop (using the loops), but - I’m going to sit out on the actual competition.


For some reason I read your message as you being worried about having a source for drums. re-reading I have no idea where I got that from. Sorry about that lol.

I love some 90’s downtempo/trip hop. Curious to see what you come up with : )


Phew! I finished the pack; I’m uploading it to Dropbox now. Do I decide whatever rules I want?


What you do if you haven’t already is create another forum post for the beat battle at the the beat battles page. And yes you decide whatever we compose. @orangslice or the rules on how we should go about creating with the samples you have provided


I’m going to take a break while these files upload, and then I’ll make the new forum post once I have a public link for the zip.


It is posted: BB128 - A minor Spring

I had an issue with my Dropbox; so, I posted it to Google Drive.


I’ve never actively joined in the BBs as I mostly work with midi. Sample jiggery pokery is not my thing unless I’m creating something from scratch. Always fun to see how the BBs go though as some of the guys over the years have been very creative and clever with the stuff.


@Roo_Stercogburn - my apologies, for some reason I thought you may have participated way back when Rotorro, Zefora, and few others can’t remember their names were around more often.


Hey! I like working with MIDI too! You may enjoy the latest battle: BB128 - A minor Spring. I’m the host.

I included 26 midi files, and you can use your own instruments. Although you could do everything in midi (since the chord progressions and melodies are in midi), I’d like everyone to use one progression and one melody audio file in some way.