BB125 - Musical Journey


only thing i could pull something off of is old E-Mu SP-1200, which aren’t the real floppy disc, sorry. used some hats from it, and did my best to just re-sample/insert your sounds into “instruments/samplers” to try to meet your guidelines. thik i also added in some more cymbals, as the amen provides some, but variety is the spice of life!

Anyways here what I got,:

Thanks for the challenge, I may go back and do some edits, but more than likely not. This is after all meant to be a beat battle, not a produce the best track comp, right? Spent roughly 3 1/2 hrs on it

the screenshot of the session is included haha


Very concise, to the point and has good energy. I love it. Very good work considering it took around the 3 hours mark. And I could gather from the composition is that your main influences are Jungle, DnB, and Hip-Hop/Trap. So basically you nailed it sir.

We’ll wait to see if someone else puts something out today, if not, I hereby declare you the winner of the BB.
Hopefully I get some free time to be able to participate in your BB. Unfortunately I got bombarder with a shit ton of work this past couple weeks. So I couldn’t even squeeze in something for my own BB.


Thanks, sorry I didn’t spend a ton of time on it, and do hope you can do a short take as well? Or anyone else for that matter.

be a great day


Hmm seems this BB has gone stale, maybe we move on.

However I just want to make sure before I start cooking samples up, who’s up for a new challenge?!? :laughing: :metal:t5:

Not interested in making samples for people to collect


I might try and make something, no guarantees though, I guess you just gotta hope for the best