BB125 - Musical Journey


Thank you for complementing my sample pack xD
we’ll give this one a week and see where things go from there. I do hope you overcome the thought that your production isn’t good enough. I feel that you’re guilty of the same thing you’re trying to help me with, which is being too harsh on yourself :grinning:


No, it’s just low traffic. It doesn’t happen “now and then”, it happens when a site is no longer active. This site is on life support. Inactivity means no one’s here, not that people are spending time on projects. Besides, the beat battles are about making tracks, not making masterpieces.


There’s no arguing with that I suppose, I’m coming from the idea that places with more people and higher traffic tend to suffer quality-wise, I just did a horrible job at expressing it clearly.


“Unknown” and “underground” are not always synonymous. Sometimes “unknown” is just that: not known. Music isn’t music if there’s no one to listen to it.

EDIT: Can’t change the world if you stay locked inside a room.


I have just read your reply on the Discord 3.0 topic, and I have to say that I admire your cynical approach. You make good points and sometimes we just got to face reality; with the way things are going here the forum has no future what so ever. However, I still think that with the right mind and with the right plan, things could sway for the better; rebranding perhaps, creating a team dedicated to bringing newcomers through other channels, coming up with new ideas/contests/events to keep at least the newcomers engaged.
I get that your main issue here is the format; which is the forum; I couldn’t agree more. Forums are a thing of the past, but so many other communities figured out a way to make it work. I could go on here and list a few examples but I’m sure you know a few yourself. So my point is, with enough dedication, time and the right attitude things can work out for sure.


Apologies, I’ve been doing the FAWM deal and chillin. I’ll see what I can come up with and I’ll post whatever it ends up happening. May go towards my Fawm playlist as well.


Again, I think extending time frames for BB’s is a must. Not at the end of it but overall. These projects will be limited. I think most of the pop. doing them now are newer, already. Continuing the discussion about adding a week or 2 to them, is just repeated. Nothing new.

I personally would limit my rules to the pack itself, give open availability to members and what they have avail, “do whatever you want with X rules”.

limits are amazing but the projects are limited by member ship. If you were to tell me I couldn’t use a snyth or drum kit, I’d possibly freak, just seeing it.

I’m enjoying that these do or have ended up with a home after the fact but obviously, they can be monitored to give ststuas not to members but to artists.

Like if i were to win, I’d not be excited because my project typically isn’t finished or sounds good to me. And to be fair, while to holder of past projects/files is @IO_Madness, I wouldn’t expect for things to extend. Sense he sees this as a totally failed address on the internet.






That made no sense lol what are you trying to say?


To be honest, I’ve been drinking. This is a mixture of BB and Discord thread. But after re-reading this particular post, yea, context is off and argument invalid, to a degree. But yea…it’s whatever.

I think I’ll join the discommunicated.




I want some of whatever @bbb’s drinking!


And related to @bbb’s point (I think?), it feels to me like there are two ways to go with BB’s. You could do a challenge with a longer deadline and/or looser rules, and encourage folks to make the tracks the way they want to make them and give them the time to put some polish on it. Or you could commit to the “quick and dirty sketch” approach, give folks strict rules and a short deadline, and see what they can come up with, knowing that it is impossible for them to create something perfect, but might be able to take some risks and make something interesting with lower expectations.

I think this challenge is a good candidate for the first approach, and so I’m glad the deadline is extended. I feel like if I’m gonna dig into my back catalogue of buried/unfinished tracks and try to bring something to light, I want to be able to do it right and make it sound reasonably good rather than put together a quick sketch in an hour.


Sorry guys. Haven’t been checking on here lately. I should’ve thrown together a bb the last couple of times.

It does suck that there is such low traffic around here. I think that is the main reason the beat battles are at such a low turnout. There’s only so much we can do, so I don’t think we should hold ourselves or others responsible for it too much. I guess the death of the old site kind of took some wind out of the sails. Tough starting over from scratch when we used to be in a place that had some history.

Probably one of the best things people could do is try to coerce anyone they know to participate. It does make me want to do it more when there is more participation. Just a little more exciting and unpredictable.

That said, should I still try to throw one together? Lol


do it! i keep meaning to but ive been dealing with other shit. I’ll try to push one out tho


The deadline is quite dead now, like twice already. So I’m guessing we keep this one open until we see some subs, no pressure :sunglasses:


There is a Beat Battle room in the Discord, just sayin’ : )


L0rdAuch, I don’t want to fuel the flames, but yeah over the years a lot of b.s. attitudes have ruined interest in what was once a fun battle!

A bit of clarity for me if you do not mind in regards to the rules:

Are we to use your samples with an old tune, or do you want us to mashup/remix 2 old tunes that we have in our storage(cloud/floppy disc?)

With that said… I’ve seen this BB go without any love, and will contribute to your battle! Set a date, and let’s have at it! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Thanks for chiming in. The original rule was to resample the stuff in the pack, but it changed since that proved to be a bit too much work.
You are free to use whatever you find best to fit the theme. Although since you mentioned floppy discs, I’m really interested in hearing the stuff you got there.