BB125 - Musical Journey


Hello there!

For this edition of BB I came up with something that I thought might be a little bit challenging and also fun to make. So hear me out.
You are to make a track that encompasses and reflects your musical journey starting from your discovery of electronic music to the music and works you’re into nowadays; your creative evolution if you will. This is of course in terms of styles and genres of music.

The rules are:

1- The track must contain at least 3 sections: each representing a style/genre that influenced your production, in chronological order;
2- Transitions between the different parts of the track must be seamless and coherent, meaning they must hold the track as a whole;
3- Get technical; use your finest tools and wizardry to craft some interesting effects and variations.

The Sample Pack:

PS : You are allowed to use up to 3 source material of your own if the sample pack isn’t getting you what you want. (vocals, synths …)

Due Date: February 28th - 23:00 UTC

Let the battling begin!

Beat Battle General Rules:

Beat Battles take place over the course of two weeks. The first ten days users will have to arrange, upload, and post their track to this forum. After this, the next three days users cast their votes for their favorite track. At the end of this, the winner will be announced, and they will then become the next Beat Battle host, and will have one day to construct a battle pack and begin the next Beat Battle.

Unless otherwise stated, the only sample/audio sources you may use for your song must come from the battle pack.

In the event of a tie, the battle host will decide the winner

**** in the event of winning the battle, the winner of the beat battle will be asked to make their track available for archive and also to hold onto to the project file of said “winning” track for in the event that it is to be considered for a best of the beat battles release ****


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Hey, love this theme, not sure if i’ll have much bandwidth to pull something together but I’ll give it a try.

If time allows, I’m gonna try to dig through some old harddrives to see if I can find any of my middle-school garage band recordings to use as additional sources …


I’d love to hear what you’ll come up with. deadline might be flexible if that’s going to keep you and others from making something, we’ll have to make that decision collectively though.