Bb119 - fader ninja




You were just chilling with your turtle ninja bros, just eating some pizza and watching TV, when April runs in and screams, "Shredder has shown up in the town square, and has a small army with him. They’re trying to blare their mind controlling sound waves across the whole town to ensnare people’s minds! We need phat beats to neutralize their signals!

With that, the crew looks to you and Donatello says, “Rafael, you’re the sickest DJ of them all, only you can ward off Shredder and his army!”
“Yeah!” says Michelangelo, “You got this!”
“No problem!” shouts Leonardo. With that, you grab your turntables, then out of your collection you pull out your most cherished, most trusted, most phat record ever to cut, and you put the needle on the record…

GIVE ME YOUR ILLEST HIP HOP BEAT. DJ cuts, slices, crossfades, and scratches are encouraged.
Give us a foundation.


You may only use the included samples.


You have the option to use one (1) synthesizer, be it hardware or a plug in…


…you include content recorded of yourself singing, beat boxing, doing spoken word, or a few seconds of you saying something. You should have at least a sentence worth of content.

Song length should be 2-3 minutes.

TRACKS DUE BY/VOTING OPENS: Saturday, Nov. 21 2020

VOTING ENDS: Monday, Nov. 23 2020



The tracks will be here


The votes will be here


Aight, I’m back for this one, needed to take a BB off. :wink:

I don’t think I’ve ever tried to produce hip hop, so this should be… special. haha!


im down <3

experimental hip hop …


Submissions are encouraged


damn I’m scared to even download the samples and put me in a situation with 80% chance of ending in the pit of shame


I honestly don’t know if any of the ninja turtle lore was necessary, but i found that picture while looking for something to add to the BB, and it was such a cool picture, but I felt adding a little ninja turtle story could be in line with what previous bb’s have been like, other than, “just make some hip hop!”. I mean, that could’ve worked too. Oh well. Damn.


You better just make a track then, that’s the best way not to end up in the cage of shame.


I might maybe do one tomorrow… maybe

Been working on an album in all my spare time. Sorry guys


No subs yet?

I’ve got a track that’s almost there … I want to try to record some quick vocals tomorrow morning when I won’t be waking up my housemates. Never tried hiphop vocals before, so I fully expect it will be a complete disaster, but we’ll see.


2-3 minute track is all we need! that’s like 128 bars!


Here’s my instrumental track:

It doesn’t have vocals yet, but I also didn’t use a synth so maybe this is within the rules. :man_shrugging:

Regardless, wanted to make sure I got something posted (no cage of shame for me! :japanese_ogre:). And also to make sure this BB gets at least one submission…

There’s still an outside chance I’ll post a version with vocals latter today if I am able to come up with some lyrics that aren’t total garbage and also learn how to rap or sing in the next few hours. I’ll keep you all posted.


Cmon ppl give us your beats! Give us a beat centric song, that’s all that is meant by hip hop.


Ok finishing up work and I’m gonna take a run but then I’ma try to do one lol


Oh boy, so it turns out that vocals are hard and lyrics are harder. I want to keep the instrumental I posted earlier as my “official” submission, but for anyone who wants to punish their ears, here’s a version with some scat/placeholder nonsense vocals.

Lookout Kendrik, Faintbrush gunnin’ for ya!

What a mess…


I couldn’t make something in time but I’ll throw something in just to be a good sport. Please note that it’s past the due date and uneligible for votes.


Has anyone heard from @IO_Madness?

We’re a couple days past the deadline - figured I’d give this a bump. I’m a little bummed we didn’t get more submissions on this one (Thanks for posting your track @7asid!). I guess hip-hop might not be IDMF’s cup of tea?