Bb119 - fader ninja


@Faintbrush is obviously the winner, congrats! You cool to do the next one?


Yeah, I’ll get the next one posted later today.


ill post the one i was working on …didn’t got the time to finished it sorry…lots of stuff going on right now

edit: (here is the unfnished track)


Hey guys, sorry, I took a leave of absence.

We didn’t many entries. I didn’t make an entry either, so I’m in the cage.

I feel like I should’ve just said drum n bass. Whenever I say “hip hop”, really what I mean is anything with a groove, basically like early 90’s breaks, downtempo, dnb… i don’t what to call that subsection, but I have a very clear image of what it sounds like but i never know what to call it, and it seems like whenever I say “hip hop” everyone shies away.


Relax, it is all fine. The turtle picture too.

Imo hiphop is like dnb but slower. Drum patterns are quite alike, hip hop is less breaky and more melodic.
Personally that bb made me record a rap lyric i had lying around so i am glad the rules required a vocal track on some kind of beat.
Maybe instead of saying do a hiphop track say it must be 120 bpm for a minute or say 'place that ( or kick, snare…) sample on the x beat and x on x beat, repeat at least 4 times and continue, or provide a song structure( A B C A for example), post some additional songs for reference… Idk


Nah I mean I’m not freaking about it or nothing it’s just “beat music” to me is kinda the quintessential beat battle type music, just grabbing a vocal and a drum sample and cutting it into a beat, into a dnb/rave/break track a la prodigy or chemical brothers or other classic rave stuff, and I feel like that’s what this crowd should be into, essentially DJ type beats, but whenever I call it hip hop everyone just vanished, but it’s like, I can’t see that not being people on here’s thing lol

I just want to communicate the essence of the groove like the easiest simplest way to make a track lol cuz I feel like that’s be an easy thing for ppl to do and what they’d want to do.

Early hip hop artists were pioneers of sampling, getting two records and looping a sample by beat juggling, finding odd, obscure samples on old re odds they’d go digging for, when it comes to sampling you can’t even have a conversation about sampling without hip hop pioneers and DJ’s. With scratching they find ways to queue up sounds and cut them in and out, cutting up syllables into notes and rearranging sequences into new patterns.

I feel like as a DJ it’s hard not to get into hip hop if you’re into making beats and grooves, but whenever I’ve done a beat battle with “hip hop” ppl just look the other way.

Maybe there’s just not many DJ’s on here.


if you’ve noticed a pattern then maybe there’s some truth to it but for what it’s worth i don’t think the theme had anything to do with it, most of the time the bb’s are fairly barren and sometimes even more so.


Well I mean, I’m not like hung up on it I’m just making an observation. Granted, the IDMf community isn’t big we’re only like 50 people or so but for a battle that I kinda saw as being a pretty open battle with a pretty universal draw for your typical sample cutter (what’s more simple than a couple beats and a vocal with one melody?) activity was pretty low as far as comments and track entries. Last time we got a bunch of early submissions, which I think was due to the time limitation and the short track length.

I think it might be good for us to try more themes with shorter track lengths and time limitations, as it seems to get more people energized to try something.