BB117 - Modern Composer



There are few things that put me to sleep faster than a track with an unchanging beat and boring ass sounds. I’m sure Debussy, Coltrane and the like would be rolling in their graves if they knew how we make such soulless sounding, over produced, perfectly quantized music despite having all of this incredible tech right at our fingertips. We have a chance to do these composers and musicians proud, and that chance comes now.

Pack Content:

During the last few beat battles I found myself quite busy, with a vacation among other things, and was a bit worried that if i were to win one, I would not be able to provide samples and rules in a timely matter. Because of this I spent some of my off time during the last month creating some samples that I thought were interesting. Some are atmospheric and drone and others are more like sound design FX. One is even me just practicing piano. I hope it is an eclectic and inspiring pack.


  1. Your piece must have at least 2 “movements”, each sounding relatively distinct from one another. They can use the same sounds but once again they need to feel distinct in some way.

  2. You may use ONE instrument in this BB, but the instrument must be something you would find in an orchestra (violin, flute, chimes, harp, etc). The exception here being piano, You may NOT use a piano sound/library. This instrument must be sampled, such as a Kontakt instrument or other sample player, you may not use synthesized instrument sounds. If you choose to use an instrument like this, tell us what instrument (example: flute) and what sampler (example: Kontakt) you used along with your submission.

(A quick clarification, I have included a piano snippet in the sample pack. You may use this in any way you wish as usual. You can throw it in a sampler if you want, you just cant use a sample library of a piano as your instrument.)

  1. Try and have at least some part of your piece be free played and not quantized. I want to hear the sweat you put into the playing and performance of that instrument. It doesn’t need to be a specific length or anything but it should be there.

The only vague suggestion I have for you is to try and give it life. Take us on a journey, try and make us feel something, whatever that may be and whatever that may mean to you. :slight_smile:

Submissions are due by 11:59 PM American Pacific Time on October 24. (about two weeks)






  • MS
  • IO_Madness
  • Faintbrush
  • Make Us Whole

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@makeuswhole gets points for correct subforum placement


I’ll be like Messiaen, working on obscure music while locked in a cage in hell


there are subforums? whoa


I’ll submit the best track in existence, just wait! packs for a cage of shame just in case


I always wished bbs force more movements, just as you require.
So thank you.


Yeah, technically the BB forum is a subforum in Community Projects, but threads from the BB forum also show up in Community Projects, as I guess it’s kind of all inclusive. I wonder if there’s a way to have it show ONLY Community Project threads, and NOT those from the BB forum. Although, having the threads show there does increase visibility, as I imagine there are people who just go to the Community Projects thread to find the BB’s.


resampling classical into a modern soundesigny equivalent of mozart here i come…ok ill give it a shot and just have some fun with this.



How’s everyone doing with this? We got about two days left. Who’s submitting?


I’m too busy to do this battle I’ll just sit back and listen to everyone…just wanna hear something cool.


@bfk, you aren’t doing a track?


Nah just been very busy. Havent had the time.



So… Are you busy?


I used cello from Frozen Strings pack (free Spitfire LABS bundle). Grabbed it randomly just for this BB because I really didn’t had any real instrument libraries. I turned grid off too so entire composition is gridless. I still resampled piano sample for some unknown reason. Oh and I made it intentionally bad, pls don’t listen.


Its sounds ok not the best buts it’s ok in my book.


everyone post your casual friday mixes:


Just a friendly reminder that the submission window closes in about 17 hours. We got one submission. Let’s get in a few more! (in addition to my shitty track that i’ll post sometime tomorrow. :wink: )


Here’s something from me!

EDIT: The filter is live


c’mon man you gotta give us your good track