BB117 - Modern Composer


Hey @Unk_Nown, c’mon man, what do you got?


ah shit @IO_Madness this thing has been going on for days and now you are telling me i have 4 hours
:sweat_smile: damn bro thats insane


Technically you still have just over 15 hours. :wink:


well, that’s the BB thing, you know… 1 session sketch because deadline is very soon. Better submitting something rather than nothing because I got that pack anyway… You come here for inspection but aren’t providing anything, mr. Busy :eyes:


Here’s what I came up with - I guess it’s a sorta noir jazz sound collage? A few parts were played live, but ended up using the grid more than I had originally planned (turns out I have no keyboard playing skills).

My one instrument is a trumpet from Logic’s Studio Horns Library.


I’m not negging you fyi.


OK, I’m calling it on mine, I’m ready to work on other things now, haha! I’ll post it soon. We’d love to make it five subs if anyone else has anything . :wink:


Alright, here’s mine.

Quick edit, I used the session strings cello by NI in Kontakt as my instrument.


Alright, That’s time according to my watch. I guess four subs is alright, we’ll make it work.

Hey @IO_Madness, how the fuck to I get these goddamn soundcloud links copied so I can group them in the first reply?


What I do is hit reply on the post I want to grab the link from, then in the post, hit the quote button, and it’ll show the link, at which point I copy it down into notepad or something.


Swag, works like a charm. Thanks!


Ok all, subs are up as well as the poll (these can be found on the first reply to this thread). The poll closes this coming Tuesday at midnight (IDK what timezone it is using…), so we’ve got two days to cast our votes and maybe try and get some of the other forum members to come check out the subs and vote.


Also, following suit with the last BB, I present to you…


First up, @Lug with:

Sadly, working on music is exactly what would have kept you out of hell.

Next up we have @Unk_Nown with:

You’re welcome, enjoy the cage.

Additionally, we have @bfk with:

Pulling out all the stops to become the cage champ, gotta admire the effort.

And finally, last but not least, we have @typea33 with:

We forgive you for not understanding how time works but the cage won’t.

Four strong contenders, who will be the next King of the Cage? Cast your vote now!

  • Lug
  • Unk_Nown
  • BFK
  • Typea33

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Quick reminder: Voting closes in 1 day. Don’t forget to cast your votes. :slight_smile:


Well, I don’t know why we only had three voters for the actual battle, but whatever.

Looks like there was a three way voting tie, but @faintbrush came out with that extra one percent (I’m not sure how this is calculated, but I don’t mind either way);

So unless there are any objections, (@IO_Madness???) then I’m fine with declaring Faintbrush the winner of this BB.

PS: If i’m missing some rule about ties please inform me.


I thought I’d have time this morning to get my vote in before i went into work, but I was actually gonna vote for @Faintbrush.


The instrument of choice is snare. You can find it in an orchestra.
I tried to improvise; i was jamming with tracks, recording whole thing and cut up parts or recordings together afterwards. Turned out that it was the opposite of what i should have been doing. Missed lot of sounds i had planned to be in and it is missing manual tweaks like automation and better composition alltogether. Definitly belongs to hell.

Did not listen to submissions and voted.


Woohoo! :trophy: :dancer:

I should be able to get the next BB posted in the next day or so.


Nice, way to go Faint!


I’ve got a couple ideas for the next BB - has there been one of these where it was an “against the clock” sort of challenge? As in, you can only spend up to X minutes/hours working on your submission. Would that be too restrictive or against the spirit of this thing?

I was thinking a time limit might make it easier for folks who have less free time for BBs, and also might be good for this next one to be simpler since the one-box challenge is also kicking off.