BB116 - Hell Awaits



Satan is on your Zoom meeting and he requests you to make Hell™ OST because constantly playing We Built This City (which is the worst song ever) is not enough. People who listen to that song unironically are going to hell anyway so it’s a very useless gimmick for such eternal suffering. He needs some variation and a bit more atmospheric approach. He played a bit of Doom on his lunch break and said “that’s it, boys, this is that kind of stuff that makes my enjoy my job even more”. It needs to be aggressive and bada$$.

Pack content:

I present you some simpleton guitar juntz with bass and drum patterns so maybe you can turn them into something more interesting, evil and sinister. Make things fast or make things slow, your choice. No track length limit. satan.wav is an image of satan converted to audio (important for rule 2, please continue reading).


1. Fix the goddamn snare. No snare? Fixed! You are allowed to make drums layer using your own samples collection or really do anything to recreate entire drums from scratch, if you wish… If you’re going to use drums at all.

2. Satan must remain visible in a spectrogram. You must use satan.wav as it is. His eyes should gaze back at you (pic above).

3. Make it dark and bass heavy. Be loud and proud.


It doesn’t need to be metal-ish at all, you can try for some beatless dark ambient, for example. Or very face pace drum & bass with very processed riffs. About rule 2: just layer that satan.wav file somewhere then run finished track through some spectrogram tool (everyone has those, right?) to see if he stays visible or not with other project layers. Just for fun.

Deadline: October 8th

What is BB:








Infernal Cage of Shame (those who said they will submit something but didn’t):

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oh fuck yeah Im definitely getting in on this one greetings_from_hell_halloween_costumes


Fuck Yeah, Let’s do this shit!


Alright, I’ll play

Yeah yeah yeah, we’ll see about that


How all of the tracks coming?


I did not even start the composition yet. Doing sounds… it seems like i am gonna end with unfinished track again…

10 link downloads means 10 submissions which we are going to arrange together, make an actual OST and get a director to check it out… Sell it on some freelance film soundesign platform…does anyone have a selfrecorded film without sound?

Everyone else is doing superb obviously

How yours?


nuhhhhh I gotta do a track.

I think our deadline is coming up around the 5th for track entry. I’m gonna try to make something tomorrow.


I’ve been out of town for a few days but I should be able to get something in the next couple. :recycle:


Deadline: October 8th
This one is 15 days long.


yeah I thought this is a 2 weeks event in general. So 5 more days. Been trying to mess with those samples myself (god they SUCK lol)


I did download that sample pack. I shall post whatever the fuck I manage to put together. As long as it has satan in it I should be ok


I finished the track but Live keeps crashing whenever I open it, which is a loop that started with the first crash. Hope I figure out a way to open it so I can upload it before the deadline!


I basically just used the original drums and satan.wav from the pack. I kept the bass heavy so I could play by the rules but still try to mimic meshuggah, and the track is a little short because I decided not to loop the drums. Too many 0-0-0 tabs.

On a side note, the track won’t save anymore without crashing Live, so Satan.wav must be real


wow I’m totally lost on that one. I might just stretch the fuck out of everything and pretend it’s composition


Were the drums performed by a caffeinated monkey?

Was it mixed by a dude who spent way too much time working on a mediocre atonal soundscape/noise composition, probably damaging his hearing in the process, before remembering that Satan demands :fire: moar sweet riffs :fire:?
…definitely. :fire: :sunglasses: :metal:


So, according to my time zone it’s over in 4 hours but you can drop anything til I come back next day for final inspection. Then I will close this BB.

Also, I’m really liking these submissions, but… Needs more! Where are the bros at???. I couldn’t do it because it was heckin weird remixing your own stems, weird deja-vu feels. RIP, I’m clearly going to h3LL.




Here’s a nice piece of shit for you guys. Just because I said I would.