BB116 - Hell Awaits


Damn… glad I’m not stuck in the cage with @nose and @_ms


ok, BB116 is closed. Check this post for full info BB116 - Hell Awaits


You were very close. This cage is really small and I don’t trust those guys at all.


hey @_ms… can I make a slight change to my sub file? it would appear that the metronome got included for some reason in the bounce. If not no worries… but I feel like it needs to be changed if possible because thats super annoying, haha!

Maybe I belong in the cage after all… haha!


yeah, sure. Just edit your link.


Done… the original link has been updated so we’re good now. :slight_smile:


oh yes lock me into the cage of shame for eternity


shakes bars fervently

Yeah, I suck. I couldn’t come up with any inspiration unfortunately. Hard to harness creativity this year.

I’ll rot in this cage until further notice


I was wondering if that was intentional lol


@relic, could you please move this forum to the beat battle subforum pleeeeeez


so when does voting close?


in 10 hours


@makeuswhole I just found the video you got that picture from (for your track).


Its a cool video. All of the videos are weird from that album. If you want to watch some super fucked up shit find the original NIN Broken video. Its got all the music videos from the album and they are interspersed into what is basically a super fucked up snuff film where some dude gets kidnapped and has all of this unspeakable shit done to him.


heh that’s the one I was talking about


ok, polls are closed. Congrats @makeuswhole! Satan is very pleased. Also, congrats @nose for becoming an eternal cage goblin. Such a great new asset in Satan’s office!


I’m glad the dark lord was pleased. haha!

I’ll start prepping the next battle.



Just for laughs.