BB115 - In the Mirror


Beat Battle #115: In the Mirror

Rule 1: Strange Reflections
Your track should explore the idea of reflections, copies and clones. But remember, no mirror is perfect, distortions are always introduced.

Rule 2: Keep it Minimal
The tracks should have a “minimal” aesthetic, whatever that may mean to you.

Rule 3: Make it Fast
Tracks must have a tempo of 130BPM or faster. Track length should be between 2:30 and 4:30.

The samples:

You may also use any recording of your own voice.

Submissions are due by 8am PST on September 19th (or whenever I wake up that morning).






I’ll jump in for this one. It’s been forever. I like how limited and small this pack is. Interesting rules. Reflections… This could be a delay, reverb, track repetition… Put two mirrors together in front of each other then stare into abyss.


I am liking the theme, mirrors… reflections of reflections… copies of copies. I got some ideas of stuff I might do.


Hey folks, I was hoping to get some peoples opinions on a topic related to these beat battles. I made a poll in the BB discussion thread. If you have the time or desire, pop on over and take a look.

Also, yeah, this theme is tight. Im not gonna loose my work this time. :spider:


Let’s goooooo

Multiple reflections formed by opposing mirrors. While they seem to extend into the infinite, in reality they get progressively darker and fade into invisibility long before they get there. That’s because mirrors absorb a small fraction of the energy of the light striking them each time.

Each bass hit presents every reflection while you’re fall deeper into darkness. It tries to keep familiar pattern but things and entire mood gets twisted from previous reflections. IDK.


Oh snap, we’ve got our first submission!

For everyone else, just a quick reminder that you’ve got 5 more days to post your tracks!


You guys better hurry up


I’m gonna assume everyone is hard at work making their sweet beats - heads up you’ve got less than 2 days to post your shit!

(also, major props to @_ms for being way ahead of the pack on this one. I haven’t listened to your track yet but that’s only because I want to listen to all the subs in one sitting this weekend. I’m sure it’s awesome.)


I’m gonna try to do mine sometime tomorrow.


Alright, here’s something from me!!!


…and a B-side. The first track will be my official submission:


Here’s what I’ve got:


Bring on the choons


TWO MORE doooooooo it


Deadline extended, see post below.


nooo we still need 5 entries @mnkvolcno @7asid @Unk_Nown @makeuswhole y’all got anything?


273 bpm, minimalistic.


All good, happy to extend the deadline to see if we can keep the 5+ entry streak going.

Anyone else have something in the works?