BB115 - In the Mirror


@Faintbrush oh yeah I set it to private originally because it’s BB so that’s more of quick sketch ideas.

Anyways, just extend it for another extra week. Why not.


I mean, I don’t think we need to extend it a week, I was thinking maybe we give people the rest of today, maybe until tomorrow morning/afternoon and call it.


i’ve got an ear infection so im out :’(


:frowning: that sucks, sorry to hear that man, get better.


aight, let’s get to the voting


@Faintbrush, in regards to your questions about poll formatting, I don’t believe it’s possible to use the SC links as entries in the poll with the full embedded preview (I tried doing that last battle). What I do is I listed all the tracks separately first, then do the poll and have the artist names as the entries.

EDIT: Also, for @_ms’s track, if you “quote” his post you should be able to see the link for his track.


Cool, thanks everyone for making tracks for this! Here are the entries:

You all have 2 days to get your votes in!

(Sorry, couldn’t get the formatting to work the way I wanted, hopefully folks can find the tracks this way)


@Faintbrush, if you put the Soundcloud links first, before the poll, THEN do the poll, the links show up, and we can just vote on names, that’s what I do, like:

  • test1
  • test2

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I’m making a list since @Faintbrush didn’t listen to me. See poll in @Faintbrush’s post above:






Thanks man, sorry I tried what you said but couldn’t figure it out then had to step out for an errand. Thanks for making the list!


the links won’t embed within the poll, you have to just use an artist name and link the tracks outside.


Gotcha, yeah I see how you did it. There’s already a few votes in so I’m not gonna try to edit it now, but good to know!


Alright, finally got a chance to sit down and listen to all of the tracks. You all are some talented mofos!

@_ms - So dark, so deep! Love the mix of ambience and the heavy bass, also how you used that accelerating drum roll. First part is like a hurricane! Relentless waves, blasting, slamming, drowning, over and over and over and over again. Then finally, calm.

@Faintbrush - Who is this guy? Can’t even set up the poll correctly…

@IO_Madness - Yes, someone used the vocals! I love how creepy that piano (?) chord progression is. Captures that twisted carnival hall of mirrors vibe - looking for an exit, but end up wandering farther and farther into the endless reflections.

@Unk_Nown - It’s like an awesome sci-fi horror soundtrack. Lasers bouncing between mirrors, intensifying, fading, converging, the warp drive accelerating into the void … then … arrival, but did we make it home or somewhere else?

Great stuff!


yikes… sorry I missed this one guys. Have been pretty busy. I will check out the chunes and vote tho. props for keeping it going.


I like the bassline adding the foundation to the track. Cool chattery noises. Reminds me a bit of Surgeon’s stuff.

Cool, more melodic track. Reminds me a bit of an old Final Fantasy soundtrack song or one of those cool older RPG’s.

Really digging all the cool sounds. Nice bass. Dark, cold, sharp synth stabs. That high pitch beep I like, it reminds me of being hooked up on life support in a hospital bed or something and the machine is in the background, beeping to your heart’s clock as your end of life gets nearer and nearer. Lots of cool sound design in the track.


I skimmed your post when I first saw it and saw four entries for feedback and it was seriously confusing me because I was trying to figure out who I didn’t review lol

Thanks for your words! The creepy “piano” line, is actually a segment of the old timey sample, pitched down a bit. It actually turned out well, I was a little afraid of using that sample but that sound just sounded perfect. I really wanted to throw some fast breaks down on the track, but it was supposed to be minimal so I was attempting to restrain myself for the whole track lol

I may need to make a breaks version.


@Faintbrush, when does the poll end?


I’ll give it another hour just to give folks fair warning, ending the poll at 12:30 PST.


Hey All!

Sorry for my absence on this one… but also not sorry because I was on vacation. haha! Just got back last night.

Was gonna try to get a track finished before we left but it didn’t end up happening.

I’ll be around for the next one.

Everyone did a good job! I liked listening to these a lot. :slight_smile:

Might still do a track for this bb after the fact just for funzies.



Throw in a vote!!!