BB111 - Sound Design/Soundtrack

Hey all,

Alright, I’ve cooked up some samples I hope you will enjoy, and decided to pull a few of the select bits I thought would fit well for this and have added those as a misc folder.

As for the comp :business_suit_levitating:t5: :clapper::film_projector::camera::film_strip::dvd::loud_sound:

Let’s get our sound design hats on and create either epic underscore, a sound bed, or a track that seems as if it is meant to follow a scene in a movie/game/puppet show! :dolls:

Here’s an example if anyone doesn’t get the direction:

Truly hoping we get a few heads in on this!

So Let’s do this:
Start Date: Sun 3:30PM PTD June 7th,2020
End of entry window/Voting starts: 3:30PM PTD - June 21st’ish ,2020
Voting Ends/Winner prepares next battle: 3:30PM PTD June 24, 2020 (or TBA)

Any concerns, questions, etc let’s figure it all out together. Have fun, and let’s get odd!


FYI access to the samples appears to require you to respond to an email confirmation.

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Thanks so much, and sorry about that.

Just got out of a zoom meeting, please let me know if it still requires confirmation.

I got the files, and it seems to be working for general users now.

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Archive updated:

btw @TvMcC remember to post the battles in the Beat Battles subforum ( rather than the Community Projects general forum.

I have to bug @relic each time to get it moved over.

Im going to ban you all :stuck_out_tongue:

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omg! it only took me like 20 years to get banned from this site! yes! cough please don’t haha*

@IO_Madness Got you bud, my bad will do moving forward. Thanks

No worries. Anyways, on with the battle!

And thank you, @relic!

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Don’t laugh, threw this together rather quickly!

Also realized I didn’t give us a lot of other melodic things to use! I should’ve done some violin or piccolo up in this pack!

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haha, you guys are alright. it really isn’t a bother. I missed a few apparently but I think they should all be in your sub forum now. carry on gents : )

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I got something. I took the opportunity to mess around with my new Behringer X Touch!! It actually turned out pretty nice. I don’t imagine this will be my final track, however:

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I am still working on it. But do not mind. I will post it here in two or three days, and it will not be accounted into voting. I can not comprehend how you people make stuff so fast, you wanked that keyboard to death huh.

skills son, skills


LMAO well I shat that out quickly cause I was pumped up after making the samples.

it doesn’t hurt to have a shit ton of templates saved and to just not give a …just keep in mind, that it’s meant to be a battle, not a who can make the most epic tune! :laughing:

some of us have been battling so long that we know to just make a song… don’t think, cause we ain’t expecting these battle songs to be a top 40’s chart beaker! at least i ain’t

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Yeah, you really can’t fall in love with a track, you just gotta push it out lol

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Ooh templates - indeed a brutal fight move from you lol
Saves time where its most needed - i hope to give it a try next time, thanks

Got another:


Speaking of underscore for shows or movies, everyone should check out An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

Is an offbeat comedy that has some epic soundtrack for the score. Tasty arps and lush pads. They really fit into the whole ascetic.
Maybe it serves as some inspiration. Adventure Time also has some cool backing tracks :slight_smile:

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