BB111 - Sound Design/Soundtrack




Huh? Idk
I was just having conversation about the theme of this beat battle…


oh, so you are.


Ya now it’s weird…



nice, I dig it 7asid. Cool dystopian, anarcho-futurism soundtrack, maybe on some other planet, some alien race. Like Mega City One from Judge Dredd!


@7asid Yeah I have to agree that is a killer tune! Awesome use of those samples! When I come up with some of these samples, this is the type of stuff I have in mind to write, then I churn out something different! haha

Anyone else looking to come through with a entry?


For anyone who may still be following, BB112 is on the way, be patient.


my vote goes to @7asid


I give my vote to @7asid as well


I vote for @IO_Madness “uno mas”


vote goes to @7asid