BB105: Fantasy Book of Sounds


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bbb - The Marauders

The Marauders

We, the Marauders, are headed back to the center of the Earth. You see, there’s a city greater than anything human-kind has ever witnessed inside this stored cavern. But when we first explored here, we were attacked. And just when we thought it was over and we’d escaped; they took even further action and wiped North America off the face of the map. We don’t know what weapon they used but no one was left behind as a witness to their crimes against our people. They started this war. We will end it. And at this very moment, we’re on our way back. We told these creatures we’d return and return we shall. The Marauders will end this war. We’ll end everything about them. Only one of our squadron has to make it. We will see this through. Nothing survives.

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metaside - Dead Rebels (OST for IDMF BB105)

So, this is part of the OST for “Dead Rebels II - The Escape”, a cutting-edge zombie-simulation role-play crossover third-person-ego-shooter action-adventure MMRPG with a full extended Zombie Job System, 420 zombified animal species to train and original zombie voice actors for all characters! Oh, and if that isn’t enough already, you can build your own zombie town and easily drop 1000 hours in selecting the zombie furniture for every household!

The track plays while you lead the zombie horde out of their refuge, the dark empty caverns in the deep mining tunnels where the treasures of the earth were excavated back in those days when living humans were still around. This is where Dead Rebels I took place, where you fought endless waves of intelligent hunter-seeker systems installed by the late humans to kill zombies.
You took care of all that stuff in the last game, so now your target is the Surface World to take back what is yours! Or was yours, when you were still alive! It doesn’t matter, it’s the Zombie Apolalypse! But in a good way! Kinda!

James Pingel - A Walk Outside Town

I had lived in a nice little village my whole life. My dad worked at the mill, my mom tended the garden and raised me. I had the connections to do well there – my parents got me apprenticed to a smith. But I wanted more, to see what was beyond the mountains on the horizon, across the sandy river in the forest. The day I left home, I almost didn’t. As I walked out of town for the last time, the memories kept flooding into my mind: the dance in the tavern that cold winter’s night I noticed my first love, my first day at the smithy, the end of my first harvest, the games I played in the streets. There was so much good here, how could I leave all that to be some two-bit adventurer? But then I looked at the mountains in the distance, and I just had to know.

It started to rain as I got to the river. I couldn’t see the mountains anymore. The river was as far as I had ever been. I started to doubt myself again, but I knew what it felt like to turn back from there. My whole life I had been trying to turn my back on that place. To focus on my work and not wonder what was there. It didn’t take me long to decide to see how it felt to turn my back on my old life. I think I was baptized in that river, and I came out born again an adventurer. Never did make it to those mountains though…

Trebesch - BB105

Varya took each step with consideration, knowing just one twig would give her away.
Priest, a wolf that had taken a liking to her, was some unseen distance ahead beyond
the thicket of pines, hunting for a morsel or two. She was following a pair of tracks—two
men she decided, based on the length and breadth of their prints. They were evidently
unfamiliar with the forest, their direction was aimless and seemingly without purpose.
She was confident they would lead her to a recently established encampment to the
south of the forest. Priest came loping out from the undergrowth, catatching her gaze, he turned back
around and promptly vanished again with Varya stalking after him. They trekked for hours, hopping over brooks and fallen trees with the occasional startled
denizen springing from the path, though Priest never pursued them. After descending a
small stub of a cliff, the trees gave way to a small clearing. Priest led her to the centre
where a recently extinguished campfire sat, surrounded by discarded animal bones,
apple cores and a forgotten waterskin.

This is from a story I was writing a few years ago that I abandoned.

aSSerbik - Wading Through the Dark Forest of Your Mind Into the Cold Embrace of Machine Elves

  • bbb - The Mauraders
  • metaside - Dead Rebels II - The Escape
  • James Pingel - A Walk Outside Town
  • Trebesch - Bb105
  • aSSerbik - Wading Through the Dark Forest of Your Mind Into the Cold Embrace of Machine Elves

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