BB105: Fantasy Book of Sounds


those first submissions sound super cool! soundscaping… totally my kind of stuff. I won’t be able to participate but I’ll be listening cheers


I’ve been amazed by all your submissions so far. Thank you very much for participating. For those of you who are dealing with issues of sorts

The option exists to extend the duedate. However the conflicts with that are deviating from std. bb schedules & running this due date closer to the IDMF comp due date. I am indifferent to either. Any thoughts on moving due date are appreciated. & you know what, if we keep the due date, I send off the prize to the winner & someone else submits a late vote-changing / winning piece, I’ll fork over a bonus something to him.

  • keep
  • extend

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Not participating regularly in the BBs, so feel free to completely ignore me, but why not extend it until a few days after the IDMF compi deadline? I know I want to hear any ideas people are thinking about or working on…


Uhh… well crap I meant to vote for “extend the due date” lol. Surprised I can’t change my vote.

I figure if everybody is busy, they won’t mind giving it a little time. Not thinking anyone is chomping at the bit to do a new battle.


all right let’s prolong this one and I’ll work on something


I also want to add, I’m not interested in the prize. I have a tascam for my field stuffs. But an awesome prize for whatever lucky winner there is.


Haven’t had the time/motivation to work on this as much as I wanted to but though I may as well post what I have.

Varya took each step with consideration, knowing just one twig would give her away.
Priest, a wolf that had taken a liking to her, was some unseen distance ahead beyond
the thicket of pines, hunting for a morsel or two. She was following a pair of tracks—two
men she decided, based on the length and breadth of their prints. They were evidently
unfamiliar with the forest, their direction was aimless and seemingly without purpose.
She was confident they would lead her to a recently established encampment to the
south of the forest. Priest came loping out from the undergrowth, catatching her gaze, he turned back
around and promptly vanished again with Varya stalking after him. They trekked for hours, hopping over brooks and fallen trees with the occasional startled
denizen springing from the path, though Priest never pursued them. After descending a
small stub of a cliff, the trees gave way to a small clearing. Priest led her to the centre
where a recently extinguished campfire sat, surrounded by discarded animal bones,
apple cores and a forgotten waterskin.

This is from a story I was writing a few years ago that I abandoned.


How’s everyone doing? I’m pretty much done with mine, but I guess I’ll be tweaking the mix right until the deadline like I always do. So hope it’s soon (cause this fucking track is doing my head in).


Should we give all to the end of this weekend for those that can only utilize weekends for music prod.? End of Sunday sound ok?

(Hiding my project in a previous post; this is not a submission)

Memento Tree Leaf

albeit not the exact footage I would have liked to use, I will take what I can get.


this is not happening for me, I have too much work atm and I don’t seem to free up any time to battle some beats
cheers fellow good people


Hey guys, thought I would drop by again because I had indicated interest in making a track before. I am not going to to be able to submit, I have not been able to get anything off the ground musically in a while, at least nothing new, and time is being taken up by other stuff. This is a great idea though, the sub so far look awesome! Props to everyone who put something in for this!


sheesh man i’m sorry this isn’t working out.

I just might… maybe, be able to do something. Right now I’m supposed to be mixing two different projects (band stuff… rather be beat battling), plus some other gigs and teaching… a bit swamped at the moment, but I might have some pockets open up this weekend. I’m hoping next month will be much chiller. We shall see.


So can we get a head count of people releasing something, or have done so?

I personally feel like a prize for mild participation is meh, so I’d like to have a chill yes/no for @vulpes no to have to do it.

And to be fair and honest, I think if someone like that were to give someone a “gift” like that it should be on their own terms. So in my opinion, if @Vulpes wants to give someone, which not my deciding factor, he should just be able to say, “that’s cool I want to give you some coolness”.

I don’t want @Vulpes handing out a nice prize for meh. It should and could go to someone inthe future. Like a very particular person that would murder stuff with it.

So my ? is can we just go back to a reg/norm vote? And @Vulpes can surprise some winner with some type of device that we don’t / aren’t expecting. I feel like that would be more fun for a winner.


Also, I want to reiterate my own inflection of the beat battles. They aren’t completed songs. They’re cool ass beats, for me. Sure you can write a full thing but it is what gives ytou a head nod. Right?


The beat battles should just be fun. The stories relatead are neat but not always where reality is.


You know, if the winner turns down the zoom, I have a much cheaper alternative in mind that I recently thought of.

Since the time extension, I’ve been looking at pairing up some video footage & let me tell you: video is not my forte, but it’s nice to learn new material.

It’s ok @Lug @Creepr @mnkvolcno, we’ll catch you in another beat battle. Also no one has said anything negative about extending the date so I don’t think I stepped on anyone’s feet.


I think it’s really cool and nice that Vulpes thought about a price, but yeah, the turnout is a bit meh so far* and, not assuming anyone would vote for my sub but personally I have a Zoom and would have turned it down - I’m just in it for the Vulpes :wink:

  • Self-determination theory, anyone? Don’t give external incentives or you destroy intrinsic motivation :wink:


the prize is awesome. Not a 0 point


tl;dr prizes are cool and all but maybe don’t do actual good prizes, and the deadline should not be moved more than a few days at most when there is a prize.

I don’t think the beat battles should have prizes, the one for the 100th bb is the obvious exception. The prize to me has always been just winning and getting to feel good that your skills have improved enough to win. Especially when you’re just starting out. The first time I won I was super happy, partly because it felt cool that other people actually liked my track enough to vote for it over other cool tracks, and partly because of my then-desperate need to dominate and gain recognition like an insecure child. But you see how my desire to win made me work harder and make a better track, as opposed to my desire to win a prize. Nowadays the beat battle crew tends to be repeat offenders oh I mean winners who don’t want to win because they then have to make the next one, which used to be a great perk of winning but is now something that takes effort and we’re too lazy blah blah blah.

So with a prize at stake, it makes some contestants bring their A game again so they can get a tangible goodie. Even though I feel like that’s not really the original spirit of these things, i.e. competing for bragging rights, I’m all for prizes if it makes the submissions higher quality. Yes, some people don’t want to win so they make quick/unfinished tracks for a little fun, but that’s gonna happen either with or without a prize. And with my rulesets, people tend to submit pisstakes because it’s too difficult.

I do think a zoom is way too expensive and is extremely generous, but I’m not the host so I have no final say. It is apparent that the deadline for this battle keeps getting pushed back because we feel it necessary for folks to have a fair shot at a pricy prize, which is admirable, but is counter to the bb’s original race against the clock aspect, make something as good as you can as fast as you can kinda thing (Which is great practice btw!). This can have a negative impact via: the folks who submit on time for the original deadline basically got less time/more pressure to create than the folks who get the deadline pushed back for them and are given a break. It seems fair at first glance but you never can tell what someone will feel when stuff like this happens. I remember very recently, a few former members making a stink about such things as banter and limited workflow rules, so putting money on the line and then changing the finish line is a potentially dicey path. And there is no way to prove that you actually didn’t have time to work on something, so moving the deadline a lot a lot is not good I guess maybe?

Also also also don’t take my rambling about quality submissions and crushing the opposition as a deterrent to newer creators, beat battles are a learning exercise and you should compete mostly to improve your craft.
This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system.


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