BB105: Fantasy Book of Sounds


From the torch-lit dungeons dank with fungus to the tops of the pine forests blowing a gust of pollen, tell me your story, adventurer. What was the beast you slew that night out in the vast dunes? Did you really survive through the aboleth’s abyssal plane? How many apparitions approached you while in the moor? Were you revived from death while crossing the mountains? Tell me about your cursed sword.

Give me a song that illustrates a fantasy event, setting, or character using the surplus of audio recordings below.

Audio Pack:
You are not required nor expected to download all of these field recordings, but rather choose your arsenal & roll with it.

To not feel overwhelmed, start with the 15 recordings from 2010 (7z compression):!yiojTK7T!jq5JkM2uOybV7ydZbSLZe3rF3ax3Vq_7JquGXMC-aN8

If you want more as I hope you will use, the entire folder is:!mzwThYwD!MQG6ZipjYCSfIA6L_eUP5Q
available in 7z packs or flac compression.
other formats available on request

audio file listing

mind you I dropped some I initially considered

 	2009/0131_083341.WAV - cat
 1	2009/0203_025702.WAV - high heels
 	2009/0216_230510.WAV - diesel
 2	2009/0219_002957.WAV - metal pipe
 3	2009/0223_175917.WAV - pipe throw
 	2009/0331_142831.WAV - radio feedback
 4	2009/0423_145222.WAV - vibrating of sorts
 5	2009/0909_184545.WAV - can smash
 6	2009/0927_183731.WAV - sloshy water
 	2009/1118_192919.WAV - springy
 7	2009/1120_174845.WAV - snow walk

 8	2010/0113_142017.WAV - vinyl piano
 9	2010/0126_093916.WAV - drum kick
10	2010/0321_141555.WAV - church reverb + ac
11	2010/0423_073058.WAV - ice breaker
	2010/0510_034449.WAV - chicken?
	2010/0511_215935.WAV - aerosol
12	2010/0512_054512.WAV - spachula
13	2010/0608_104724.WAV - wall latch
14	2010/0608_104831.WAV - table drop
15	2010/0608_105526.WAV - liquid shake
16	2010/0608_105715.WAV - glass ping
	2010/0612_171919.WAV - tropical rain windscreen
	2010/0621_205102.WAV - cat purr
17	2010/0715_165632.WAV - pipe play
18	2010/0715_175100.WAV - crow waters
19	2010/0717_172557.WAV - bird over water
20	2010/0730_203042.WAV - whistling over wind drag
21	2010/0803_133859.WAV - creek
	2010/0806_043049.WAV - no loon
22	2010/1005_181340.WAV - creepy ac

23	2011/0610_222014.WAV - wood knock
24	2011/0620_155330.WAV - metal toss
25	2011/0816_110251.WAV - biosphere2 lung
26	2011/0916_113910.WAV - tape stretch
27	2011/1019_205123.WAV - gma clock

28	2012/0708_134006.WAV - C410
29	2012/0708_135114.WAV - C411
30	2012/0802_221730.WAV - kalimba gourde

	2013/0710_154352.WAV - city dump
	2013/0717_110100.WAV - airplane loon
	2013/0717_211811.WAV - silent loon
	2013/0717_212020.WAV - far loon

I own all these samples & declare them free (as in beer) to use & free (as in Stallman) to manipulate. I hope your usage of them does not end with this thread.


  • include a 2nd form of media that illustrates your music (e.g. paragraph story, poem, image)
  • while synthetic sounds are fine (this is IDMF after all), keep it grounded & earthy sounding (eg something one would hear off a fantasy movie/videogame OST)
  • avoid inhibition. I want you to be satisfied with your tune & will help you out with any means I have.

Poll below: BB105: Fantasy Book of Sounds
// due date extended, no set time. possibly after IDMF comp // 2019-11-11 (Mon) 00:00

Lastly, surfing through Amazon, I’d like to grant the winner a prize for their efforts. For those of you who don’t have a recorder, once you get in the mindset, you start hearing your world in completely different ways.

I apologize if I’ve set anything up incorrectly. This is my 1st time hosting a BB after all. Submit all corrections below.

BB104 Lores Lofi

This is right up my alley, love me some D&D and fantasy novels


legendary… You are a true bad ass.

That’s a pricy prize there! How do we throw down some cash for it. I’m down to help. Also, zoom makes some less expensive ones that are still great.

Also, is rule 2 saying that we can use not sample based sounds (synths), or is it referring to synthetic type of sounds made from the samples.


Really inspiring OP and I’m not even talking about that crazy price! :smiley: Very busy atm but I really hope and plan to find some time for this!

Onwards to the battle on the big bridge!


I’m saying don’t make something straight off a Gescom album, but rather focus on “natural” sounds. Can you have your buzzy IDM synth in there? Sure. Can it be nothing but Massive insts & amen breaks?
Rather maybe I should have specified to make it seem like it was on an OST for a fantasy movie or video game. Let me know if I should clarify the OP any.

As for the prize, I don’t have a zoom, but I’ve seen some pass through the pawn shop & they are as nice as my R09HR & plenty cheaper. I’m also hoping for some more contestants out of the woodwork. If this has any success, perhaps this Book of Sounds can have a chapter 2.


So basically this is the key here, but we are allowed to use as few/many of the provided samples AND we’re allowed to use synths/other samples as well, correct?

Almost done processing the first 15 samples before I load them into my samplers. Let’s do this!



I’m hoping someone will delve into mapping & using 2012’s gourde kalimba sample. That squash was someone’s highschool arts & crafts project. He wasn’t musically talented either. That thing was so fun to play, the gourde fit in my hands perfectly & albeit with cheap metal tabs off of the nut, tightening them down did not alter any pitches. As you hear the sample, the last thing I wanted to do was tune a diatonic scale. Being a bit partial to it, I’ll probably focus on it as well. Happy mapping.

I hope others tour the folder. Each subfolder contains a .7z of the wav files as well as each compressed flac file. (As of yet, IDMF reads no link clicks)

Also this ends close to the IDMF open genre comp. so I hope ppl don’t get torn from either.


Honestly, I’m scared to go down that rabbit-hole. 15 selected samples is already plenty, plus the permission to use synths… I always prefer these things to be on the more restricted side.

As far as being close to the open genre comp, you as the host have the discretion to extend the deadline if you/the group feel like that would be beneficial.


Hey Vulpes, that is a pretty great concept for a BB! Plus the price is super generous! Not sure I will be able to get something finished as I have yet to start on an entry to the open genre comp, but I will give it a go. :slight_smile:


The Marauders

We, the Marauders, are headed back to the center of the Earth. You see, there’s a city greater than anything human-kind has ever witnessed inside this stored cavern. But when we first explored here, we were attacked. And just when we thought it was over and we’d escaped; they took even further action and wiped North America off the face of the map. We don’t know what weapon they used but no one was left behind as a witness to their crimes against our people. They started this war. We will end it. And at this very moment, we’re on our way back. We told these creatures we’d return and return we shall. The Marauders will end this war. We’ll end everything about them. Only one of our squadron has to make it. We will see this through. Nothing survives.

(hopefully not too derpy) =D


I’ve been bogged down in legal problems this past week, but will finally have some time to nerd out an relax in the studio sometime after tomorrow. Looking forward to it :upside_down_face:


I have two tracks to decide between for the open genre thing, so I want to get in on this now. Downloading both packs as I type, going to lay out a skeleton today. Heh, maybe that will be what the song is about, but I actually had another idea in mind.


I’m trying real hard to stay on topic, but seem to be going off the deep end a bit again…


So, this is part of the OST for “Dead Rebels II - The Escape”, a cutting-edge zombie-simulation role-play crossover third-person-ego-shooter action-adventure MMRPG with a full extended Zombie Job System, 420 zombified animal species to train and original zombie voice actors for all characters! Oh, and if that isn’t enough already, you can build your own zombie town and easily drop 1000 hours in selecting the zombie furniture for every household!

The track plays while you lead the zombie horde out of their refuge, the dark empty caverns in the deep mining tunnels where the treasures of the earth were excavated back in those days when living humans were still around. This is where Dead Rebels I took place, where you fought endless waves of intelligent hunter-seeker systems installed by the late humans to kill zombies.
You took care of all that stuff in the last game, so now your target is the Surface World to take back what is yours! Or was yours, when you were still alive! It doesn’t matter, it’s the Zombie Apolalypse! But in a good way! Kinda!

[Edit: Updated ^^]

Used around 10 of the sounds provided and additionally one wavetable made out of a short cut… Might change it a bit if i find time before the deadline.

Thanks @Vulpes for the idea and the interesting samples, was lots of fun to play aorund with!


I had lived in a nice little village my whole life. My dad worked at the mill, my mom tended the garden and raised me. I had the connections to do well there – my parents got me apprenticed to a smith. But I wanted more, to see what was beyond the mountains on the horizon, across the sandy river in the forest. The day I left home, I almost didn’t. As I walked out of town for the last time, the memories kept flooding into my mind: the dance in the tavern that cold winter’s night I noticed my first love, my first day at the smithy, the end of my first harvest, the games I played in the streets. There was so much good here, how could I leave all that to be some two-bit adventurer? But then I looked at the mountains in the distance, and I just had to know.

It started to rain as I got to the river. I couldn’t see the mountains anymore. The river was as far as I had ever been. I started to doubt myself again, but I knew what it felt like to turn back from there. My whole life I had been trying to turn my back on that place. To focus on my work and not wonder what was there. It didn’t take me long to decide to see how it felt to turn my back on my old life. I think I was baptized in that river, and I came out born again an adventurer. Never did make it to those mountains though…

I used a few of the samples and a few extra city space ambiences that sampleradar put out recently. Mixed in convolution reverb of a forest, gentle EQ, and volume automation to get rid of any jarring changes in tone I didn’t want.


I’m on the edge of burnout apparently. Went to see the doctor yesterday, and judging from his facial reactions I must’ve looked like shit. He told me to cancel work for at least two weeks, and I’ve decided to take a good long break from the internet as well. Try to meditate and shit. But yeah, I guess thought I’d just leave a note of absence here before logging out. Peace and good health to y’all :kissing_heart:


Definitely good to say “fuck it” sometimes.

Also, my track was from the first pack. Once I heard the plane recording, I figured I’d add in a layered synth of saw goodness. Hopefully it gets the point across and sounds like a bunch of planes headed to their destination.

I’ll have a listen to the other stuffs at voting. And thanks @Vulpes for the cool delivery method of out BB’s


Bummer that some of the regulars won’t be able to submit anything for this. How many are actively working on something? I’ll definitely be submitting something either way, but would welcome a few extra days. Things got kind of intricate here and I also lost most of this week due to being knocked out by the flu, so would be nice to have extra time to refine things more.


damn man, take care and do what you need to do. You’re doing right thing. Maybe go take a nice hike somewhere… that can do so much. Looking forward to seeing you around here whenever you are up to it. I really enjoy your output.


Hey guys, sorry… I’ve been so busy lately. I was going to have this weekend free to try and throw something together, but last night I started coming down with some kind of cold :confused:
My hearing is all wacky and I’m not feeling to hot, haven’t even downloaded the sample pack yet. Also need to go visit my grandmother who had surgery.

Still the chance I could miraculously be able to throw something together tomorrow, but not looking hopeful.