BB104 Lores Lofi


Thank you for pointing that out. When working on something modal like this I often start out treating pitched instruments like percussion, using controlled randomness to give me a general idea of the sounds in a limited frequency area (like a set of tuned drums), - but intending to decide on fixed (non-random) patterns/variants later on. In this case I’m not even sure why I didn’t spend the extra time to do that…

…but your comment made me realise that it isn’t the first time, like it’s becoming a bad habit for me just to go with a relatively OK random version. Half-assing it. But I’m glad you took the time to point it out, since it’ll help me watch out for it happening again! Thanks :kissing_cat:


Alright, give me some brainstorming time. Also I await @qianta’s submission.

honored, truly.

I don’t know about that. These bb’s duedates are really rapid & it’s hard to draw blood from a stone. A placeholder of lesser quality is at least some structure that can be built on if inspiration manifests.


Nice work guys, I think the tracks by mnkvolcno and Vulpes are my favs on this. Really nice arrangement and mangling in the first and super-chilled melodies in the second. Also, love the DKC soundtrack, sometimes listening to it when working - this def has a similar chilled and relaxing atmosphere!







how much time do i has? i think i found a nice beat-song around my projects :slight_smile:


I dare say we got all the time in the world at this point :dizzy_face:


You have all the time in the world to write it.