BB104 Lores Lofi


I have a bunch of loops that seems to work OK together now, but I still need to come up with some kind of arrangement of them - so it’s not just everything sounding all the time.

I will try to upload something on Sunday!

Best wishes for your weekend :grin:


I’ve got something, not sure it’s hip-hop (it isn’t) but it’s something


is it 90bpm?


I put this together today. Kinda proud of the bass I got out of that monotron sample :bikini:


All right, here’s one from me as well:


ow yeah already loving that title


Yep, just need to mix it then i’ll post it.

It’s the first thing I’ve done in 6 months though…


Not exactly what I’d call finished but it’ll have to do


i managed to eek one out this morning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


posts D.A. clutter

I think I hurt Lug there. I betrayed his confidence in me.

But wait, there is more:


I have no idea how I managed to round this corner but it’s what I ended up with. I deleted the exp. section because I hated it, therefore this piece is invalid. I’d attempt it again, but I won’t make deadline for sure.
BTW the title is an abbreviation for:
What Is This Absolute SHit 32kbps


well, this is my favorite.

holy shit man lol. this made me FEEL


ok btw, i have to say that i’ve been super impressed with everybody’s subs lately.

Lugs blew my mind too. it was just so damn tasteful.

Armrest your shit has so much deep dark techno vibe man. It’s sick.

and trebesch yours was just kind of beautiful when that brighter kind of analog string sound comes in.

impressive stuff. it’s cool to be here.


Alright, here’s all the subs for this BB104, now let’s get to the urns. Thank you all for participating. Beats done in a hurry is what it’s really about

Lug (don’t vote for me I’m the host)






to be clear, I’m voting for Vulpy… love that emotional hacker music.

Lug was close behind. Overall production wise it was my fav. Great sense of space and really great sounds.


mnkvolcno is sounding super pro again this round. it’s hard for me too understand how you dish this stuff out almost as an afterthought. I think adding a bit of melody could have worked very well on this.

I can totally dig the streetwise beat style of Lug’s track, although the ending is perhaps a bit weird. Well, - it was supposed to be experiemental (I kind of forgot that myself). The bass on this one is almost too heavy for my sub:) Crazy stuff.

Trebesch has a beatiful track imo. Nice to see you back in the BBs! The synth voicings and production creates an almost dreamlike feeling. It’s very enjoyable.

In the end, I think I have to vote for Vulpes as well, though. Most of all I think he got the “lo-res” theme just right with that amazingly “illegal download quality in 2006” sound design, - and is the only one to take it al the way there. The musical arrangement is also wonderfully detailed and sounding almost effortless (although I’m sure it took some work). If you decide to make a longer version, I’d love to hear that as well!

Thanks :heart:


chirp chirp luggy boy, btw i met a french in japan, he cool

anyways, what time do i have for this game


@armrest takes my vote with runner up @mnkvolcno
The only issue I have w/ armrest’s tune is the random notes. I’m really liking the 4floor & processed rhythm. If you could map those random pitches I would make an alt account on this site & vote for you again. [details=joke] To be clear I am joking, mods. [/details] Anyway, hearing tunes like this makes me think of The IDMf supergroup project . Maybe someone really skilled in leadership & delegation can manage assignments, specifics, limits & then issue tasks for members to fulfill. I digress this thread though.

The duedate was yesterday, but there is no actual poll locking in users’ votes & I am confident absolutely no one will shun yet another submission. Bang out some creativity so we can hear please.

I like to think melodies & chord progressions are my strong point (I could be dead wrong) which is the reason I don’t like my submission. Progression is [I IV repeat] which is borderline shameful of me to settle on, but trying to match the other samples to the strings sample, I fizzled out in a bit of creativity. My only relief was the [vi iii IV V] progression which is still pretty circle-of-5thy. Anyway, this is the song that was in the back of my head during composition. Consider my project a mockery of it.


haha yes that’s absolutely accurate

I’m voting for Vulpes too, I can’t resist someone who lists DK as his influence.
Volcano is a close second, as I love that video game sound palette, and you’re the only one that made use of the telephone sample, and I can’t believe what you made out of it. That’s awesome.

I totally dig that drive you got on your track, Armrest, and I would be curious to hear a track like that from you without the limitations of the beat battle.
Trebesch, we gotta hear you more. How can this be the first thing you’ve done in 6 months when there’s a beat battle every two weeks? Nice downtempo vibe on this track. Maybe that melodic pad is a bit out of tune? I can hear a boards of canada influence. I hope we’ll hear you on the next one too.

Anyway, Vulpes, you’ve got three votes which is a majority, so it’s all yours, bring up the next battle if you please


My vote goes to Vulpes!!


wtg vulpy. killin it.

I want you to know that I literally thought about DKC when I heard your track. Like straight away, no joke. But it was actually this track

there’s a melodic motif you used towards the end that is very similar.

also thanks to everyone for the kind words regarding my hamfisted submission.