Back yet again


Hi everyone,

My name is Riley and I used to have any account here a while back. No matter what paths I find myself traveling down, I always seem to end up back here!

I’m from the west coast of Canada, but recently relocated to Reykjavík. Terrible time to move abroad, but life required it.

In the past few years I’ve shifted focus from DAW based production to hardware and DIY projects (primarily eurorack). I like to write Acid, Psydub, dubtechno, ambient, and of course IDM.

Happy to see this community still thriving and I look forward to connecting once again!

Edit: my primary DAW right now is Ableton. I’ve used protools, logic and flstudio in the past. Considering switch it up to a combo of renoise and bitwig. I also do a lot of my sound design on my modular synth.


Welcome back : ) most of the hardware discussion goes on here The Hardware Megathread but feel free to post about outside of there.


Welcome back


Hey thanks! Looking forward to catching up with everything I’ve missed. Especially the new IDMF netlabel releases.


welcome back. I just joined again too.
looking forward to listen to some of your acid productions