Anyone make music related goals for the new year?


I accidentally made one after getting angry at all the hardware related Facebook groups I’m in. Long story short, I unfollowed all of them because I just can’t with their vibes anymore.

I’ve also decided I want to try and spend 20-30 minutes in the studio a day either looking for samples, working on synth patches, beat making or mixing records. Relatedly, I’m just going to hit record while noodling or mixing. No reason not to just record everything these days.


I already accomplished my music goals.

If anything its just finding the balance between music and life stuff.


Focusing on final mixing and hope to have that album all mastered before end March.

Once I get that out of the way, I want to “play for fun”, take my time to enjoy learning & dicking about with the Iridium, because I haven’t really done that yet and it bugs me.


Yea. I get that. The Iridium is deep and pricey, so I’d want to make sure I was really getting all I could out of such a synth : )


I might be doing more hardware synth tutorials than music. I’m hoping to be all hardware by next year.


I come up with new goals every few days or once a week.

I also understand you, your anger at the hardware.


That’s cool. I wish there were more people doing interesting tutorials.


The all-hardware/dawless/dawless jam people have just become really gross IMO. Mostly that the music they make seems to be the least of their concerns.


It’s just another Internet false problem, no listener cares about it.
Same in the game dev community, all worrying about which engine to use.

This year I’d like to just make more music but stress less about it, after all it’s just my hobby.

Also, I’d be happy if my mixes keep improving and I wouldn’t mind learning some basic finger drumming.


conquer the world


Feel that really hard. There are definitely more than a handful of people posting videos of themselves w a dense room full of synths and making rubbish. I mean to each their own and as long as it makes them happy go for it but the general HW snob/DAWless exclusive attitude has got to go.


Hmmmmm… I didn’t make it onto one of the house YT channels I’m interested in last year, so I suppose that goal carries into this year.

I’m having some glitching with new software right now that I need to track down (that’s on the to-do list for today). Might just be the computer starting to show it’s age as with all this new stuff my DAW idles at about 60% CPU load when I use the master-grade versions for mastering, so maybe it’s time for a new music PC this year. Good time I guess as there’s great new CPUs coming from both AMD and intel.

Other than that, release some tracks and try to get more publicity than last year.


@Auto-meh-geddon yes, I had noticed there is this problem of the non-problem in other hobby communities and it encouraged me to walk away from the fight. I don’t think avoiding people you disagree with is always the best thing to do, but on social media in a hobby group it felt like a good move.

I like the idea of releasing more music but being less stressed about it. Good one.

@chasedobson the attitudes can get pretty awful but live and let live, I don’t think I would change anyone’s mind arguing on social media. I like my FB feed to mostly be cats and memes or cat memes…lol

@White_Noise that’s cool goal with the YouTube channel. I’ve got an old-ish but powerful desktop laying around waiting to be turned into a studio computer. So many unfinished projects lol.


To the subject

Downtempo release
Melodic techno release

As much client work as I can handle until my touring schedule picks up.


Just keep making, keep enjoying. Find a way to incorporate rock guitar to electronic music in a way that doesn’t sound cliched or tokenistic, that really blends the leftfield styles that I like


Looking forward to that Downtempo release. Sounds a bit different for you.


I also don’t think I’ll let myself have any new gear (except rack ears for the Bro-1 whenever they come in somewhere in the US) until I release an EP this year.


I love when sites that sell music to DJs have a Leftfield genre. I love to browse through it randomly, looking for an unusual track to change the mood of a mix in a good way.


Yes I agree. I suppose I just want something out of the ordinary, as that’s the way new sounds are born. But a banger is a banger of course!


Absolutely : ) I think a lot of us are going for something a little different.