Anyone make music related goals for the new year?


Just to make music because it’s been an while, and because we’re doing it DAWless it means that any music we make will also be working towards a live set


I pretty much didn’t make any music or practicing DJing at all for most two years (because of the pandemic) so I agree any progress is good progress. I am thankful for my hardware setup as it is much easier to set down and get to beat making immediately.

Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.


Yeah it’s been a few years for us, maybe four, but it’s definitely really nice to have options again, really missed being able to make music


Goal for this year is to get over the hesitancy of self-promotion


February and I already achieved my goal of releasing an EP; label should be putting it out next Bandcamp Friday.

Next goal, another EP by end of the year, getting to know my Mpc better and improve my mixes


I have committed to getting my first EP out, which I have been working on for way too long. I just kept changing things, and learning, and changing other things etc…but at some point it has to go, so I can move on mentally to other ideas that I have put on the back burner for way too long. So it should be out soon. March I figure. Then on to new things!


Suck less, learn more shit and make more money

Edit: Actually it’s more like lose less money since I’m already way in the hole