Anyone know how i'd get this synth sound?

hey troops, i remember there used to be a deticated thread for finding specific sounds, idk if its gone or im being a fool and cant find it.

anyway im looking to get a sound similar to the rising and falling synth that starts creeping in at around 4:07 and plays throughout the rest of the track.

heres the track (one of my favourite pendulum tracks btw, why does no one talk about it?):

i mainly use massive and FM8 if this helps lol

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Part of it I would guess is modulating the pitch/frequency of the FM modulator that is applied to a normal oscillator…either by an xy controller or by key modulation which adjusts the pitch envelope by a specific value depending upon the note that’s played which is possible in fm8

I think this is the thread you were talking about btw

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It’s basically a layered chord being thrown around.

I would approach it like this:

  1. Set up multiple different oscillators (with different waveforms/efx/etc) - to form a single held chord.

  2. Resample/record some of that, and set it up in a sampler.

  3. Play/program the sampler monophonically, using pitchbend and glide/legato functions.

I agree.
1000% UVI Falcon & or Omnisphere.
I might be wrong as it could be any plugin actually.
But the sound of Falcon is quite noticeable to my ears, the highs sounds like Massive X as well.

As the album was released early 2008, and Omnisphere only came out that same year. It probably isn’t Omnisphere. It sounds like a variation of a hoover. Lots of tut’s out there for massive for that. I’d start there and play around with the portamento and filters to give it a less aggressive sound.