Am already so excited about you and your music


Hi, I’m Mo and pretty new here and also new to writing songs. Just 3 years ago I started to make music out of the blue.
Most of it was electronic at first but since I was always missing something I bought an analog synthesizer a few weeks ago that I’m starting to play and now I feel somehow more ‘complete’.
@1roomstudio :sunglasses: drew my attention to this forum and made me curious, because there are supposed to be many interesting and nice people with interesting music here. By the way, I already know @Bill :heart_eyes: : Hi Bill!)
That in a nutshell from me, now I will first look around here and listen here and there.
All a nice weekend! :+1:


Welcome to the forum, @_Mo and well done @1roomstudio for bringing new folks to this lovely corner of the internet!

What synth did you get?

You’ll want to check this thread, which is relentless (in a good way): The Hardware Megathread


Glad you found your way here @_Mo

Enjoy :sunglasses:


Thank you for warm welcome @morphic and @1roomstudio :slightly_smiling_face:

What synth did you get?

I have not yet found this corner, but it may not be long.

@morphic to get me started , I’ve decided for MicroKorg more precisely for the MicroKorg S . Because the S seemed already very familiar to me by the design that reminds me of the control panel of my washing machine.
No! The real reason for the S was the number of memory slots for own patches… the current presets I like only to a small extent.


@_Mo - Now that you mention it, it does look a bit like a washing machine dashboard :smile:

I’m not familiar with this one, but Korg do make good synths. I’m prob finally going to pull the trigger on the Wavestate later this year, as I’ve been wanting one for 2 years now. It’s a case of “I don’t need it but I want it”


Ah cool @morphic , I remember taking also a glance at the Wavestate., it either seems to be great within a certain price range. I decided for the MicroKorg at least by its dimension. The fact that it runs on battery and I can easily take it anywhere. theoretically, in the forest to the meadow in the garden or to other people/places.
Don’t think too long with the Wavestate @morphic , from time to time we simply MUST reward ourselves and gift ourselves something :grinning:. Do you have already diverse synth sounds put here in the forum?


Ah yeah welcome to music prod. eternity


Hey yeaahhh

PERFECTION SUCKS!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for welcome @st3aLth :slightly_smiling_face:


@_Mo - Well what happened with the Wavestate is that I was totally going to buy it and then COVID hit. The synth was forever delayed or back-ordered online everywhere for months. You couldn’t go to the local Guitar Center to try it, since everything was closed.

And then one day, a perfect storm of govt check + Guitar Center coupon meant that I could shave $500 off the Waldorf Iridium, which I had fallen in love with but couldn’t justify buying before that. Still costs a pretty penny, so I tried to forget about the Wavestate. But I’m still thinking about it and it’s happening before the end of the year, dammit :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean here (“sounds” as in “sound packs” or “songs”?). No sound packs but I have 2 albums out:

Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, etc:


You know, I used to think perfectionism was a quality. Then I realized that it’s mostly paralyzing anxiety/low self-esteem preventing you from releasing material for fear of the reception it’s going to get. If you keep reworking it, nobody has to hear the final version, right?

I like this:

" Perfectionism refers to a set of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors aimed at reaching excessively high unrealistic goals . Perfectionism is often mistakenly seen in our society as desirable or even necessary for success."


Oh wow, there is a lot of truth in your words @morphic

I can’t claim to be very experienced in music production but in the short time I’ve been active and looking around various forums and social media groups that’s exactly what I’ve noticed. Very, very many people put the value of a technically perfect mixed song above the value and message of the content that is conveyed. They also deal with the reviews among themselves all too often with technical micro details, EQlizing, perfect mastering of the frequencies and so on. I suppose this is because they think, as written in your quote, that it is necessary for ‘success’ or necessary to be heard on Spotify or other streaming services, because the industry demands a certain technical sound quality.
Ok, if the goal is to please the masses and eventually make money, then maybe that’s the way to go, even if it makes the song boring or dead.
But if you want to represent something of yourself in a song, something that touches you and/or touches other people then it can’t be perfect, because nobody is perfect. Perfection is unnatural and that is what a listener perceives ‘between the notes’. I am convinced of that. But as I said before, of course it depends on each individual person and their individual goals, what their music is supposed to do. That’s the beauty of music, it’s infinitely diverse.


I suppose it isn’t hard to guess, that I’m not native english speaker, sorry :relaxed:

Not sure what you mean here (“sounds” as in “sound packs” or “songs”?).

Well, with sound i meaned rather everything between interesting noises and lovley melodies :sweat_smile:

I’m goiing to hear your albums somewhat later in the day, thank you for the link :slight_smile:


You’re right on all counts, @_Mo

While I clearly understand that a certain level of technicality and professionalism is necessary, hiding behind that is easy. Think about it - if the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, Suicide, Einstuerzende Neubauten, and a million other bands had waited until they knew what they were doing before saying “fuck it!” and go with what little they knew, many great bands (and full genres of music, especially punk) would never have seen the light of day.

This is the surest way to fail. You can’t please everybody and you’ll end up hating what you released.

100% agree :slight_smile:


No need to apologize! If you’re not a native English speaker, you speak at least one more language than the people that will usually make fun of your English… Do remind them of that simple fact - in my experience, it usually shuts them up and they go away. (I am not a native English speaker either)


Yeah! I liked it very much how you started before we’re gone and evolved it to this driving main part. Quite my taste.:star_struck:

the longing is there rather pretty poppy and soft but ok as the name says longing maybe so

with strobe i liked the vatriety you brought up with one track like the strobe on and off (like a relief) I personally would like to highlight this contrast by a harder strobe even more . But of course that’s just my personal taste and just thought of it that way. :blush:

Well with ** **the wanderer you actually initiate a deep insight into the cutout of someone’s psyche. a bit exhausting but surely intended in the same way

I’ll certainly listen to the others as well little by little, very interesting @morphic .


@morphic Just wait until you hear me sing in English… awkward awkward kinda… but you know what? I’ll do it anyway, if I don’t do it I can’t get better at it.


This is prob TMI… In case you want a little more song background, here’s a blurb I wrote when I contacted some labels:

A brief introduction of concept and some songs

• “the december highway” is an allegory for life. We are all on our own december highway, moving forward until we reach the end of it. The album reflects on our journey, through various pieces that tell a story of human experiences.

• “this is our road” tells the story of one life, from joyous beginnings, as they should be, when a kid and not aware of what’s waiting for us. The song becomes darker and more frantic as it evolves, the way we grow, then age, moving through what love and suffering we encounter along the way.

•“before we’re gone” is getting lost in dark places, how we sometimes become watchmen in our own life, fade away mentally, until the will to live overcomes and the realization that time should not be wasted because we’re not getting any back - but it’s a constant fight to keep that in mind.

•“the longing” is about hope & the energy of nascent love, that incredible exhilaration that can come from being in love and feeling like nothing is impossible. But it is also about how sometimes you feel good for no particular reason and little things are beautiful.

•“the wanderer” is about COVID19. I got the idea when it was early on in the pandemic, with all the fear & uncertainty that came with it. Sonically, the idea was to describe how the virus grinds inside a healthy body, how the body raises the alarm and tries to fight back until eventually being overcome and chaos overtakes it.

• “levity” is about finding your peace of mind after going through the incessant assault of thoughts/brain activity that can drive you severely depressed or crazy.

• “moving on” is about how hard it is to move on… We all decide we need to move on at various points in our life, yet we keep making the same bad choices over and over again or we just drop the efforts too soon. Moving on is the contrary of short and easy - it’s more of a repetitive task that progresses if you allow it to (hence this being the longest and last song).




oh, seemesi missed your answers…

yeah thanks, I’d love to get some background informations! I enjoyed to read them and listen to your music.
Whats about the ‘strobe’ blurb? :wink:



What I really like about your music is that you actually manage to stay within your theme and make the sounds so varied that the listener doesn’t get bored even though most of them have a certain length.
This is certainly music that can be heard by a very broad audience, which only deviates from a certain norm now and then and only very slightly, albeit consciously and well accentuated.
My opinion and my taste don’t really count, of course, but it was the songs with these little outbursts that I liked best. For example, the 2nd part of your EP - ‘colder’ f.e. with this slightly out-of-tune thing at the beginning and at the end. Personally I would like more of this.