Am already so excited about you and your music


Perfect mixes depend on the listeners perceptions, and it is very limited. How would you ever capture human insecurity in perfection?

I have a completely different approach there, and that is that every new song needs to be a challenge. I play more than one instrument, so there is always something new to learn. It teaches me great respect for people who master their instruments very well, as a lot of time and effort - and talent - must have gone into it.

I have known @_Mo and @1roomstudio for a while from a different forum. It’s great that they are here.


I saw your posted here @Pleudoniem

Can’t wait to see you introduce a new song. :slight_smile:


I’ll have to do some more posting first before I can let you hear anything, if I understand the rules and regulations correctly. Not exactly sure what is meant by a ‘post’.


I understood a post is what you already doing right now. Answers, statements or create a new topic and so on…


Welcome @Pleudoniem

Good to see you made your way here!

Multi Instrumentalists are outnumbered here but the quality of the compositions and productions is excellent!

Lots of nice and helpful people open to a wide range of possibilities.

Good question about what counts as a post and how to track progress towards 30. I’ll ask @relic to clarify.

Looking forward to hearing your work here… especially after you’ve had some time to explore this forum and give back. :+1::sunglasses::sparkles:


I just updated his status, should be able to post where ever now. @ me if not


Thank you! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:


No problem : )


I still cannot post any links to songs I’d like to share. I was hoping to do this to introduce myself to the rest of the forum. How do I do this?


Hi @_Mo !
How’s it going?


H, I’m fine, thx! Inspired but in doubt as always! :relaxed:
How are you @Bill