Album Writing Month: Jan. 2019


Doubt I’ll even be able to make more than 3 tracks that I deem decent enough to show, so I’m gonna keep my sonic swill to myself until the month is up, lol


Currently adjusting my set up and figuring this twitch shit out so I can stream a production session today in the unofficial name of IDMf… should be cool/lame

I’ll post a link when I get things up and rolling for those interested

because production streams should be a thing :slight_smile:


Alright, let me know if this sound quality blows! Here we go, maybe the first… IDMf unofficial production stream?

andddd OK, apparently edit getting the audio to stream out of FL studio is apparently a chore. Troubleshooting begins :slight_smile:

Edit 2 ok it works now


Got two solid track ideas down I think. One for sure. A whole arrangement more or less.


Anybody have a track of theirs they’d let me remix on live stream for JAWM? Preferably with some stems, but I could work with whatever given the track :slight_smile:

(I know some of us thought remixes for this would be cool, so here we go with it)

:wink: @psyber @bfk @vlantis @relic @White_Noise @_ms @RuzzyRuz @fidelium @E-Fence @TaleTwist !


Yeah nostromer rfj posted the stems for my iso ep in the iso release thread so yeah you and anyone else do what you want with the stems If you want to


Hey man,

I haven’t forgotten about our plan - if you’re still up for that, too.

I’m on new software now, and I’m mixing things in a much better and more organised way, so I’ll actually be able to give you proper stems now. Or if you’re happy with the less organised one you liked with the quick timings etc I can send those

Any of my last three tracks on SoundCloud I can give you proper stems for.

I’m gonna be doing a lot more to the latest of the trio, but if any of them take your fancy let me know man.


So is the Netlabel going to receive any submissions coming from JAWM?


If I make anything worthwhile to myself I would be interested in submitting but no definites and probably way down the line.

I also assume the rules regarding limited listening would still be in place.


Who ever achieved anything by following the rules?

(The comment above was totally unofficial)


Nice, I’m gonna snag those as well. Not sure if it’d work… but might be fun to cross over your stems with metaside’s stems in some sort of megamix, might be viable if I manage to make something not total shit. haha.

That’d be super awesome, let me poke around in your soundcloud today and I’ll hit you back with one that could be sweet :slight_smile:

Might be cool to consider a compilation, or “best of” to release for the netlabel? Worth talking about :wink:


@Automageddon I might maybe send a submission over : ) That was my plan last time until an HDD crash ate my homework…

@bbb You bring up a good point. What we did last time was PM a private link to everyone that did the QAWM so they could listen. Pretty sure the netlabel’s latest release came out of a QAWM.


Fuck all the other tracks I started, I just put down a banger today. Going in an all new direction.


That’s such a bittersweet excitement, haha. Nice man. Look forward to hearing it!!

My last JAWM track kind of fell sour in a similar sense, only it was at 4 minutes in when I wrote the last section and was like… “Yeah this is how it should start, fuck everything else…”


posting to follow


Unnecessary. Down there is a pretty useful button for Tracking/Watching that does that without having to pollute threads with stuff like this.


But I’m just so lazy


So how’s it going peeps? Got a few tracks kicking on pace fora nice little EP


I’ve kinda shit the bed on this one.
I got 1 semi written thing, I am gonna post it up at the end of the month. But tbh I’ve not been very into writing lately at all. Just playing a ton, messing with tones in my helix etc, but not really recording anything.


I don’t know if it would work for you, but sometimes I’ll sit and just noodle on a synth making patches and playing on the keys while recording. Don’t even have to use a computer if you have some kind of digital recorder. I come up with samples to use quite often that way…not writing exactly but it makes “playing and messing around” fruitful in a different way.

And I wouldn’t worry about it–I’ve crapped out on writing months plenty of times.