Album Writing Month: Jan. 2019


Uhmm… It kind of doesn’t count but I’ve dumped probably 20 hours into this Metaside remix based on his stems, and it’s shaping up to be fucking epic.

If it’s the only track that gets done… at least I’ll be proud of it lol.

I may squeeze out another WIP that I have though, I have two three day weekends coming up. weeeeeee


Yeah, thx.
I do have several neat ideas from jamming but I haven’t been very keen on tracking stuff. Just not in the right head space or something right now.


finished my metaside remix and sent out the versions… I have a couple WIPs in the works, but honestly, I think I want to dive in and do a noise/breakcore remix of agent slimepunk’s stems… um… can’t tag him here, but thanks kid rock, you rock my cock

oh wait, @xNOiSEx there we go. Yeah, his stems are next on my plate. Going to be brutal hilarious fun times. Definitely might have to production stream those if he’s down .


Not sure how much will get accomplished but starting some rough ideas and working with @JvS again. While it’s still in the initial passing phases, it’s feeling nice throwing out some starter ideas and hopefully seeing where they go.

Plus I’m not having to dwell on projects. Reeeeeeeeeeee


Hey bud, even if those neat ideas don’t go into the project you’re making them in. It’s still writing, which I feel like is the point. Everything goes somewhere. Good or bad. Like @relic said. They can turn into samples/stems for another project when you’re feeling it more.

I bet that helix would make some neat additive stuffs for multiple later projects. :thinking:


Totally worth spending a day recording samples from the dusty crates. Got a funky gunky perc loop going for a new track.


relic I still haven’t given your stuff a good listen… hook a brotha up


Same here, I’m looking to import stuff from tascam dp24 to comp and maybe mangle some stuff in renoise… and then import to my sampler and go from there


Heh…who knew a Strawberry Shortcake vinyl for kids would be a goldmine…granted doing some serious mangling in most cases…but I forgot if you are willing to suspend disbelief and hear beyond the sample for a moment, you can get some really unique sounds with a few FX, pitching and time stretching, or slicing vst.


I have around 16 minutes so far, so I might actually make this.

Shit’s weird.


I have music down and locally around 10 hours left of month. Just need to make album art, mix, master, title tracks, etc.


I did it, y’all. Discord didn’t want pretentious track titles, so they got E X T R A P R E T E N S I O N. If reading them causes you physical pain, they have achieved what they set out to do.


Hey ya’ll, as you are wrapping up feel free to post your private or not private links here (private if you are interested in submitting to the netlabel or your own reasons). I might maybe gather 'em up and herd them into the OP for ease of listening.


alrighty then, here is all I could be fucked to put together.
I have at least 3 ,ore ideas. and I know how I want to finish this one.
but my drive to record etc isn’t there right now. just playing a ton of guitar.


Both the last two were the result of a QAWM. But I continued to change and refine mine after the month ended.