Album Writing Month: Jan. 2019


remixes are my jam, I love this idea.


I like this idea too, but maybe its best left as a project we can do after month is up? Ill ve spending my first few days installing stuff :frowning:


Me too. (Installing.) I just bought a new computer so I’m starting from square one. It’s exciting though because this will be dedicated just to music. I’m also revamping the room my stuff is in so I’ve had to de-clutter and reorganize.


Oh yeah, down the road I was thinking


Id be all about putting together something for release that had originals and remixes <3


I made some progress today. I have ideas sketched out for 5 tracks with a theme. I have the melody going for track one and two.


Getting stuff installed at work here today. Will bring my headphones tomorrow and try to sketch some ideas.


Wow, good titles.


I’m in, no promises though. Been working an insane amount lately.

Will shoot for 4 or 5 as well.


Cool. Glad to have you in : ) I think 4-5 is nice number, that is what I shot for last time (I ended up with 4-5 tracks from about 8 sketches).


I’ll try to get in to this as well. Shooting for 20+ minutes of music with some Kontakt Orchestral libraries and VCV rack as my arsenal. No idea what will come of this, but hey.


Started the first track today. Just activating plugins as I go.


Started my track yesterday…

only took me like two fuckin’ hours to finally get Massive reinstalled and my issues with my virus figured out. Got a good starter synthline… will probably turn out lame, but at least I started the effort, haha.


I do have a quick question. Are we submitting as we go, like previous ones? Like posting to the LB in a “x” artist megathread with the init [J/F -AWM] or are we holding until the end?

I do think feedback is neat but could be off-putting if bad or limited due to activity or interest outside of the current people posting here.

I do remember one allowing status threads for each person doing them being a thing in the LB. It was updated as tracks were fleshed out. Been a long time since I did one of these, though.

I reread the OP and didn’t see it mentioned.

Obviously, a lot of variations and versions would be thrown out. I know I personally get to a point, throw it out and then make a ton of changes based off my own listening before I’ve even read other posts. At least in a mix sense, usually anyway. Whether good or bad.

PS - I have 2 projects started for different reasons as of my computer build. So I guess two may be initially going.


Last time I did post one up before the end, but the general consensus was to wait until the end and put all the tracks up in the QAWM thread itself. Then will all did a mini review of each others tracks.

Some people didn’t upload to the thread, but PM’d private links as they were submitting to the label, and we would review back to them by PM.

The rule was no comments on tracks until the end. It was fun at the end to do the reviews and valuable to read them too.


Yeah, it worked out well imo.
We should do it that way again.


So are we all going to upload at the end of the month, (first few days of Feb) and then spend the first week of February putting out reviews and talking remixes (if that’s still a thing?)


I’m not trying to be in charge, but I think uploading and commenting all at the end is the best route. Frankly, if you guys want feedback during January, you aren’t going to get it from me lol. If I have free time it’ll be used to work on my tracks.

I’m down to talk about the remix idea while we work, but I think trying to cram that into the writing month won’t go well either. Doing a good remix is kind of a whole different exercise than writing an original tune.


Think the same as the last one is the way to go. If people want to put out some teasers as to what there doing, then I think that could be cool, but no-one is to comment on it until the end. Then when everyone’s done, things like remixes can be discussed. There’ll still be the best part of 2 months before the next QAWM.

On the other hand we could always change this to an EP and Remix Writing Quarter. I know. It doesn’t have the same ring to it, but as most are more comfortable with doing an EP, and they’ll need to be somewhat polished to be remixed. Also people are probs going to want stems to remix with.


Yea, I’m really not bothered if people want to post teasers or a demo for advice. I’m just not going to comment until the end and only if people can be bothered to gather all their tracks neatly in one place.

Between my experience with the netlabel and as a teacher I really strongly suggest we just let people have the month to create the original material and see where we land first. Once things start to get too complicated or too many obligations are necessary participation will dwindle. FWIW. YMMV. This isn’t my show. I’m just here to write some house tunes. : ) <3