AI in Music

There might be something to play around with here.

Haven’t done my research yet, just listening to a podcast before bed and one of the guests from Izotope mentioned it as inspiration for what they do, though opposite to their goals. Magenta is an AI research lab at google specializing in trying to get AI to do art, while Izotope wants AI to enhance the work of human artists. Looks really good if you use ableton.


Interesting stuff. Gonna give it a spin at some point to see how much my organic artistic deficiencies suck as compared to random stuff composed by first-gen consumer-grade AI lol… (Also have to say that I wasn’t impressed by the automatic iZotope features so far, but I didn’t upgrade to the latest version.)

I still haven’t had a chance to look into it. Sound demos were definitely underwhelming. It’s kinda doing what the harmann neuron synth was doing back in the early 2000s, but worse. Or maybe the same. You probably haven’t heard of the harmann neuron for a reason.

And the Izotope stuff is alright for pop and rock probably, but not super well tuned for dnb or idm or house. All it knows is “this is a synthesizer and in a normal mix it would sound good to do this” so it does it. Then you toss another synthesizer at it and it does the same thing. It can’t fathom that one of these is a lead, one is a bass layer, then there’s another bass layer and a separate lead effects bus and so on. But the AI is mostly in the ability to identify different instruments, which it then takes to a lookup table of settings. Kinda like how Excel does calculus (it doesn’t, just looks up common statistics solutions without actually integrating the area under the probability curve).


This looks interesting. Going to play around with it this weekend, see if I can write a song with it collaboratively. Amazon is horribly defining this project elsewhere by trying to sell a midi keyboard to go with it that has an amazon logo on it, but that’s dumb, you probably already have one around, and it has a piano roll if you don’t.

Hi. Did you get to write a song?

I sent in my application last night, but I do have an AWS account that should be in good standing so I’m hoping I get accepted.

Here a tool that produces all kinds of genre-specific music in audio format (already not bad, but without chorus and similar structures):