2021 Where do we go from here

2020 was a learning curve of interest and concern around the world in so many areas.
Its a confusing and changing time so here’s hoping 2021 helps us all come to terms with what is, understand what is not, make decisions to do the right things and stop inequality at ALL levels no matter what culture, race or creed you maybe or derived from.

Be selfless, be kind, be understanding and most of all “DONT BE DICKS TO EACH OTHER”.


2020=1920 Imo cause modern great depression in many ways.

As for idmf I’ll complain less and shitpost less.

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Tbh this is part of my plan, too. Having the courage to be a dick when needed, but then maybe be slightly less of a dick than you might think of as adequate, because MFXxx is right, of course…

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Yo, that was 1930, 1920 was the start of the roaring 20s and soon followed by prohibition. And while prohibition tried to stamp out nightlife, it actually led to the blurring of boundaries in nightlife. Because everything was happening in illegal underground clubs anyways, segregation of pretty much any kind went out the window for the first time, and you could find anyone in the bars you were going to and socialize with them. I think we’re in for a similar cultural shock when COVID gets out of our way.

But, at the same time, I think we might be in for a rough decade most of the next decade as we recover from COVID. It is going to take some industries until 2025 or later to recover to pre-pandemic levels, if they ever recover at all. And that means there’s a lot of displaced labor out there. People didn’t really have enough bargaining power to increase stagnant wages before. Add in increased automation, trying to keep people out of business to prevent the spread of COVID and you have even less need for employees, who are now fighting for a higher minimum wage and thus making themselves even more expensive (and justifying more expensive robots/systems to replace themselves). You might think I’m thinking too far ahead here, but I helped automate away 2 of my first 4 jobs over the last 4 years since I graduated. And the job I kept has changed pretty significantly since I started 3 years ago because of how much of it I have been able to automate. And, let’s be clear, that level of fear of losing my job to automation, that’s a college grad with honors who shows up on time every day and does the work that used to be done by three people (I’m pretty sure for less money than any one of them), and uses like 4 vacation days a year. I’m in a really good position, so I worry for some of the people out there who aren’t educated, or don’t enjoy their job and put as much thought/effort into it as I do. That is something that will have to be figured out in the coming decade, most likely.

But who knows, I don’t think anyone saw COVID coming this time a year ago. Maybe we get a similarly sudden good year somewhere down the line, where Spacex actually gets NASA to the moon for way cheaper than anyone budgeted and Mars is in reach within the decade. Or maybe everyone taking the climate so seriously creates more jobs than anyone is expecting in green energy. Maybe we get our first female or another black president before the decade is out. IDK, not expecting any of that this year, but still expecting this year to be better than last as vaccines roll out.


great…im gonna go whore myself out to star as a recurring extra in a netflix original series because robots cant act.

sounds like a hot side gig though

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Well, about that…


I literally just saw this on CNN Tech lol

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I’m merely hoping that 2021 will be at least 50% less shitty than 2021. That would be a good start.

It could very well be worse - after all, we’re one virus mutation away from total disaster. One day at a time, etc.

Regarding AI and automation: the aging of the “workforce” (I fucking hate this term) has been a thing every single generation, as newer skills are needed and younger people have them. Jobs become different, but they still exist and new ones appear.

The only constant is that, yes, more & more is asked of us every year and it’s exhausting. At some point, back in 2017, I was an Executive Director in a multinational. I was forced to do the job of 3 people for the salary of one. I’m waaaayyy done with that shit. My new job, salary went down roughly 35% but now I don’t hate everything every day, and I’m not killing myself with stress, although I still have too much work to do but that’s not something one can escape, ever, unless you were born rich, of course.


Trump is not the president anymore, everything will be better imo.


Can I have sex with this thread by talking about politics…

Hopefully every comedian will have new material Instead of just trump jokes.

I went republican (fun fact i previously voted for Obama) because of the type of toilet called bidets…and because of the l.a. shootout of 1996 were two armed robbers in full body armor unloaded their machine guns onto the general public as well as the Ghostbusters theme song. Still an independent. Still want a women president dont care which party.

Can we get more people like aoc meaning people that arent career politicians or arent apart of the political class up in Washington.

Smokes cigarrette.
K thanks bye.


I haven’t watched the news in a while or TV too much blag and bullshit from both sides.

Besides figurehead politicians dont even know I exist so why would I do their bidding like they are the kwisatz haderach.

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Quantum fuckin’ internet is where we go from here !





As we are exploring palindrome :grin:

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Almost a year back.
This is where some of us are going. No fun, we have to protest. Protest for allowing protest first i guess sadly.

Saw borat 2 the running gag with borat daughter…I couldn’t get past the 25 minute mark.

Didnt jive with me.

But borat and azamat naked fight omg

Borat 2
Was just like fuckit make a sequel and get some money cause hey retrowave and nostalgia.

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I just don’t know how you even parody the last few years lol. Like I can do the shock jock style humor once in a while but the movie didn’t seem that crazy compared to reality.

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trying to parody the last few years would be a waste imo cause its like what would the purpose of parodying…to change peoples ideas and beliefs?

imo taking a shit over what people believe in accomplishes nothing…also if one does decide to crusade against stuff by declaring a fruitless culture war they can expect social shunning and being blackballed. If anything imo it sorta is an exercise in foolishness.

its okay to have a healthy discourse…but playing mind games with people just for the sake of making other people’s ideas and the people themselves look stupid even if what they express maybe valid…well that kinda action speaks for itself.

but anyways sometimes i feel half of the stuff is like a ponzi/pyramid scheme of beliefs and ideas.

also i read that borat 2 pissed off a lot people cause they tricked a lot of people.

and im just like yeah ethical hypocrisy is exposed yet again…but also any person of average intelligence is aware of the existence of ethical hypocrisy so as to what is the point of such actions…

and There is a line between pretending to be asshole…and being an asshole…but by pretending to be an asshole isnt a person just actually being an asshole for no reason? - philosoraptor-

Wow i spewed more bullshit than i wanted to over a movie…

i probably should get a stupid medal…

borat 2 not funny cause subsequent movefilm is like internet trolling internet in real life making sexy time.

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in hindsight its like WW2 was 80 years ago compared to that its like thats war…and the stuff we go through now is just like this generation forgot to tie their shoelaces and tripped and because they tripped they then tied their own shoelaces after the fact… in regards to certain things.

i typed a whole stupid thing and deleted it, it just sounded dumb after re-reading

The part you said about changing people’s beliefs…yeah man that’s probably a big reason I stay away from most people these days. It’s just a general digging in and stubbornness that bothers me about most people. Dismissive, stubborn, insensitive people have taken over.

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